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#55483 by npt
Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:43 pm
Hello all,
I was just going to ask that anyone who has not yet submitted but is going to, could stick to a few things to make our lives (ie our lives in dealing with the work of this compo) a little bit easier.

1) Please *only* put submissions in the submissions SUB-forum. There is a reason there is a submission sub-forum. It makes determining whether someone is entering plain and simple. If you post in the regular PSP Genesis Competition 2011 forum which we are in now, it will just get locked, and muddies the waters. Please save yourself and us time and just submit it in the submissions sub-forum.

2) Please include the splash screen. If it's a plugin you can include it in the .rar/.zip distribution in the root of the archive. Not doing this will *not* be looked over, this is a Compo people, and as long back as I go with console compos / demo competitions, etc. this is a long time tradition. Please, it's not to much to ask and is really quite the norm with compos.

3) Please do NOT simply recreate a new thread after your thread has been locked. This will first of all just give us more busy work to do to clean up the threads, but besides it won't work anyway as it's not as if we aren't watching both the PSP Genesis Competition 2011 forum as well as the submissions sub-forum.

4) I just want to thanks everyone who has put in time so far, this is turning out to be incredibly fun, and we already have quite a few cool entries! Can't wait to see what people are hiding until 2-3 days before May 15th! : )

Thanks to Wololo for EVERYTHING, the judges ( Lampworker, Davee, Hellcat and Wololo ) , my graphics guy, and anyone else who has helped this competition to be at where it is today. A long ways to go still, let's get coding people! : )



p.s. Wololo or judges please add things that have been getting looked over by entrants too often that I haven't mentioned.

#69665 by noname120
Wed May 18, 2011 2:51 pm
Ok, I will notice it !

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