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PS1 Bubbles en 3.52 without PS3 ?

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:59 am
by Brock847

Just a little question about PS1 bubbles on PSV, I have a PSVITA 3.52 so it should be possible to install PS1 games on it using TheFlow method but but I'm stuck atm, I have not buy PS1 games in the past, if I try now, it will ask me to upgrade >.<'

I don't have PS3 so I can not transfert game using it q.q

The only thing I have is my computer and a PsP , isn't there a way to buy a PS1 game on my PsP ( euro ) then to transfert it to my PSVITA or something like that ? I just need to put 1 base game on it but donno how to do it.