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PS Vita - Slow blinking blue led 4x

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PS Vita - Slow blinking blue led 4x

Post by TimelessNL » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:16 pm

Hi People,

I bought a "untested" PS Vita 3G motherboard for dirt cheap on Ebay, just because I was curious. But unfortunately it indeed does not work.
It shows signs of life but doesn't fully boot.

Things I see are:
1. When turned on it shows the PS Logo on it's OLED screen, gives a blue light like normal. But then turns off with 4 slow blue flashes (like it normally does when shutting down).
2. I tried the recovery menu, but it only boots to the PS Logo with a constant blue light and then freezes. (waited for at least 10min). It never shows the actual recovery menu. I tried the same procedure on a working Vita and got it in the first try, so it's not the wrong button combination I guess.
3. It's not the so called Blue Led of Death, it's not the rapid unlimited blue flashing I'm seeing. Just 4 slow blue flashes and then turns off.

And that's about it, I can't get any more life out of it. I don't call it a total loss but I'm curious what could be wrong. Are there some homebrew user failures that could have caused such symptoms like I'm experiencing?

Ps. Just as a side node, the previous users probably had this issue as well. There some gibberish writing on the shields ("PS Lo*o - Softsi**ue problen"). With hindsight I read it as "PS Logo - software issue" So he/she probably figured it had a software issue and the PS Logo :lol:

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