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Buying new Vita from Amazon. Default firmware confusion?

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Buying new Vita from Amazon. Default firmware confusion?

Post by jr0n5 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:33 am

Ok so, I had a question regarding "new Vita Slims" being sold with 3.61 stock. I've had my OLED Vita for the longest time (sadly my brother updated it to 3.67 & also broke it...), so I thought it would be nice to get a new Vita & hopefully install Henkaku and stuff on it.

I recently bought the Glacier White Vita on Amazon &
it should be coming tomorrow or Wednesday ( ... _qh_dp_hza) and I was reading around on the vitahacks reddit that buying a new Vita from Japan has 3.61 installed on it, or that all "new colors" of the Vita were running 3.61. The vendor from Amazon marked it as "New", so I'm hoping it is actually new. However, the stock 3.61 firmware on the new Vitas are what confuse me.

On other sites, I'm reading that the 3.61 stock firmware ONLY applies to the brand new red and silver Vita slims (and apparently the new orange color?), whereas some reddit users and comments on wololo say that they bought the blue Vita and it had 3.61-3.65 installed on it. I'm assuming in the case of the blue Vita, it was a pre-owned system.

Can anyone just clarify what models exactly are running the 3.61? Or if the one I bought should be "safe"? I know i can wait and just find out myself what version the Vita is running, but if it is running 3.61 & I want to return it, would I be able to if I break the seal, assuming it has one? (never did a return for a console online before, so I'm new to this).

Thanks :)

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Re: Buying new Vita from Amazon. Default firmware confusion?

Post by Sumitcare » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:47 am

If you are buying it from amazon then there should be some manual about the PsVita, in the box. try to search for the model number and specification about it on the manual.
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