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ps vita 3.63 psvimgtools swap x/o button doesn't work

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ps vita 3.63 psvimgtools swap x/o button doesn't work

Post by ronnyc4 » Fri May 26, 2017 5:45 am

ps vita 3.63 swap x/o button doesn't work
I follow this tutorial here
I format memorycard
backup with QCMA
dump/extract it with psvimgtools-frontend
edit registryBackup.txt with hxd
pack it with psvimgtools-frontend
restore with qcma
and nothing change

I do it couple times and still doen't work
after I restore it and then backup it again and then extract it with psvimgtools-frontend
there is new file call "registryCurrent.txt" in the same place with registryBackup.txt
and both have same stats and it was the original one (before i edit it with hxd).
why it doesn' work?
is there another way to swap button?

edit1 : is swap x/o button through psvimgtools ever work?
edit2 : confirmed, swap x/o button through registryBackup.txt using psvimgtools never work.
and there is no such thing fake region on ps vita (even the one with henkaku)
wololo should not give faulty information that is actually can be done because it can't.
and important gaming site like this should not give tutorial that never work (fake tutorial).

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