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A little thing confirm that ps4portal is scam site.

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A little thing confirm that ps4portal is scam site.

Post by robin5968 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:36 am

All right, so I'm little boring from trying to decrypt myself from PSV,
also I have not much ability to do that,
so I've found something interesting at scam site, ps4portal 8-) .

The original post from ps4portal:
[Removed by Mod]

And that's what I've get:
[Removed by Mod]

some files of python3 code and other files, and what?
An unexecutable "HENkaku 3.60+ .exe" file?
And it can be opened as archive which contains a "rating-widget" folder?
Inside I just see lots of php or html files.

How did they use this file to execute that emulation in the video :lol:
It's a little funny for me to the unexecutable file from ps4portal XD

P.S The method to decrypt the file just using a program and finished in one minute, not written by myself.
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