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PSV Status Quo question

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don domi
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PSV Status Quo question

Post by don domi » Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:10 pm

Hello /talk,

long time ago ( anno 5.00m33) i was very active at the PSP CFW Scene (altough in another forum/board). These days are unfortunately gone, i was a school kid and could barely write some homebrew applications. I still have a e1004 (Street PSP) laying around with some 6.60 temporary CFW.

Now, that i've passed my exam as an application developer, i want to join the community, and hope to commit some useful things. The price of the Vita is pretty low, and as far as i know, Sony abandoned the PSV. How alive is the PSV Community, and is there a sdk? Is it possible to programm (without a sony license) on the ps vita native? Internet opinions seems to be split and most articles are outdated.

So, there might be no better place, thank ask in /talk

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Re: PSV Status Quo question

Post by APRON-MAN » Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:12 pm

All the answers to your questions are on this website you just gotta look.

1. Community is alive and well(this website)
2. Yes there is a SDK call VitaSDK
3. Yes it is possible to program on the vita natively(using rejuvenate on vita with firmware <= 3.52) without a Sony license (using PSM+)

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