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Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

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Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by hgoel0974 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:26 am

Okay, this thought has been wandering around in my head for quite some time now.

I have been thinking for quite some time why the Vita being the most powerful mobile device on the market isn't selling too much, and I think that it isn't that consumers don't like it or something, I think that the problem is the lack of information.

I remember that when I got my PSP, 3 years ago, I used to take piracy for granted, I actually thought that the games were free (12 year old) and the shopkeepers made it seem like that too, the shopkeepers would actually give you free games on memory sticks, so you would just pay for the memory stick not the games.

Last year, when I went to get my Vita, I got into an argument with the shop owner because he didn't know a thing about the Vita whereas I had done all my research. He tried to sell me a PS3 and then later a 3DS when I had clearly told him that I wanted that shiny new PSVita behind him. Anyway, my parents who were didn't want to have to buy me another gaming device asked him if you could buy and download games online because they didn't want me to get loads of game carts and then lose them and stuff (plus from experience, they fear that inserting and removing them too many times would break them) so the shop keeper said "NO!" he said that it couldn't download games. We travel alot so they asked him if the adapter was the kind that could take both 110v and 220v, he didn't know! he had to get it checked! Then because at that point my parents really started thinking that the Vita was a piece of *** so they asked him about it's features and all he said was "It is just another model of PSP, it doesn't do anything else special"!

He didn't know anything at all about the Vita. I somehow managed to convince my parents but the point is, how can someone whose business is to sell consoles and electronics not know about something that he is selling? Also, others whom I have met also don't have much knowledge about the Vita, a friend still hasn't been able t grasp the concept that the PSVita doesn't do piracy.

I think that the PSVita isn't selling well because of this lack of information, what do you guys think?
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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by Xing » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:22 am

I'd agree with that and also the fact that it isn't popular makes it unpopular (weird?)
Normally you would buy a game because your friend's have it. If you don't have friends
who have it, that would likely deter you from getting one, mostly when you have friend's
with a 3DS.
I am not saying sales are exponential or anything like that but if people knew others with
the handheld, they would likely get one themselves.

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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by Xian Nox » Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:46 am

I never thought I'd end up justifying Sony, but in this case, it's the shop's fault, not Sony's fault, that the shopkeeper didn't know what he was selling.
Here's some of my reasons why the Vita isn't selling well:
- poor launch titles. If I buy a game console, I want to play games on it, not use it as an ultra-expensive mp3 player. None of the Vita launch titles impressed me, and even now, the only game I'd consider buying it for is Persona 4 Golden. They should have had more big names at launch, like, let's have P4G and Assassin's Creed at launch.
- not enough games. Even now, there isn't many Vita-specific games that would justify spending all this money on it. I'm not Japanese enough to buy a console for a single game (<-- joke intended).
- it features a PSP emulator, but you have to re-buy your games. Again. I know they didn't advertise the PSP games as PSV-compatible when I bought them, but full price for games that are at least a few years old, I'd need to be a fanboy to rebuy them. (I have not checked the PSV PSN, but afaik, they never reduce prices.)
- incomplete firmware at launch. Half the features advertised were not in place.
- what the heck happened to the xmb? I liked that. >.>
- it's too big. Cannot carry it in my pockets, or if I do manage to fit it, it will fall down the moment I move. Not my definition of portable.
- to this I'm going to add my dislike for built-in batteries. They do deteriorate over time, having the option to change them as needed is good.

In any case, poor launch titles, not enough quality games so far, firmware issues, and price are the reasons from my point of view.

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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by regine03 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:39 am

My opinion at this point is the price is too mugh and lack of AAA games.
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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by tryonmydream » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:19 am

thats not only ur tho~ its real in reality

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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by TelcoLou » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:33 am

tryonmydream wrote:thats not only ur tho~ its real in reality
:?: What? :?:

It always comes down to games; too many times, I've fell into the "potential" trap.

I pre-ordered my PSP 4 months in advance, for the 'potential' greatness I read about.
I also Pre-ordered my PS3 for the same reason.
Alas, same for the Vita.

So much potential, very few great games. Only the PS3 lived up to the hype for me, game-wise. I hacked my PSP as soon as possible, just to play emulators, and then later on came a flood of good PSP games. I see the same pattern for the Vita.
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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by PCMGR » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:36 am

regine03 wrote:My opinion at this point is the price is too mugh and lack of AAA games.
The price on the console seems fine according to today's standards,its hardware is pretty powerful.Unless by actual price you mean about 250$/euro wifi models which are still sold for that much in certain shops.Me,I bought it for 200 euro along with LBP.I second the lack of AAA titles,especially since I live in Europe where localizations are released last (same AND WORSE applies for the 3ds).

I also think that Sony does not give the Vita the attention it needs.Nor they look like they have high hopes for it :/
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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by JVC » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:31 pm

PCMGR wrote: I also think that Sony does not give the Vita the attention it needs.Nor they look like they have high hopes for it :/
True,but they need to step up their game or they may just lose to the competition...
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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by JonathanH » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:23 pm

I first bought a Playstation Consoles for their RPG's since no other console could harbor the storage space.

Then as time went on I was amazed by the PSP a disc loading system portable :) more space more game.

PS3 is garbage I already knew it was a ripoff using 2006 hardware for 600 dollars no way...

Vita is a perfectly fine device, but Sony are being shitheads by the way they are releasing content,
release Wake-up Club 6 months later strip most of the extra features out,
can't release any games that will put them out of sales (too good to be sold in US), legend of the dragoon 6 months after other releases still no word on it.
Releasing cheap PSM games which are terrible cellphone games, something cool would be fruit ninja or angry birds most popular ones, an official control PC with a PSVita would be nice.
Ughhh Every single Lego game is a DS PORT you can just see it since the textures look like they were made for 4:3 aspect ratio and some of the ground doesn't even look like ground.
Not being allowed to carry UMD discs over to your PSVita Account. (the fabled buy it once then buy it twice) terrible concept.


The Vita Archive, the lack of games here-in "the US", about 40 games or less vs Japan with over 80 of them.

I forked out 350 because I like the PlayStation portable systems since no other products can deliver what it can, there's no other decent competing portable systems that can play games around 4gb in size.
Persona 4 and the Japanese Project Diva seemed to be the only games worth while.
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Re: Why I think the Vita isn't selling too well

Post by awolkiller6554 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:09 pm

dude i somehow believe this is true but you should go back and get that guy fired i mean geeez they for one are a gaming store they should know more about the stuff theyre selling then the customer just in case those types of questions are asked...............another model of the psp.........that deserves a punch in the face for ignorance
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