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Is this application useful?

#177400 by hgoel0974
Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:41 am
The Official Release post : http://wololo.net/2012/11/10/official-releasethe-homebrew-network/

This app is now for all Sony platforms

The Homebrew Network GUI

The PSN Store of the Homebrew World

Get v6 and update
Download and Update
(81.74 KiB) Downloaded 1391 times


get v8.1 from here http://homebrewnet.host-ed.me/_vti_bin/hbn_backup/homebrew%20network.zip


The Onyx Network by Skeleton:

The Onyx Network by skeleton is an alternative to The Homebrew Network GUI, it is coded in VB instead of The Homebrew Network users can also use this.

The Onyx Network
http://homebrewnet.host-ed.me/_vti_bin/hbn_backup/Onyx Network Source.zip


feedback at https://hbn.uservoice.com/forums/185167-general

All PSP/PSVita downloads available

If anyone has some specific homebrew they want to have uploaded on the network PM me ;)


ChangeLog v8.1
Bug fixes - Fixed the "File Not Found Exception"
Improved the 'Hot & New' - Fixed the way images are shown
Chat has been added as a separate tab and does not require you to register - just choose a nickname
Chat while downloading - The Chat has been separated onto a completely different control so, you can use the other sections of the app without worrying about refreshing
Checks for updates when launched
Checks for updates on refresh
Refreshing is available although the system is refreshed every time you launch it
Update now!

ChangeLog v8
The entire program has been rewritten, now features the MS Ribbon and a much better interface with a new "Hot & New!" and "Lounge" section!
Get it now!
The lounge features chat and a forum for anything, I JUST set it up so it doesn't have too many things yet

A small update, I added a lounge the version still counts as v8 though so download it from here

ChangeLog v7.3
Major Internal changes
Newer downloads work with this version onwards due to changes in the format- old versions can may or may not download everything

ChangeLog v7.1:
Major Bug Fixes
Transfer function now supports FTP

ChangeLog v7:
HUGE Update
Chat added
Get the latest news from wololo.net while downloading homebrew!
Linux version now available!

ChangeLog v6:
Transferring is back! Not complete but is usable ;)

ChangeLog v5:
MOVED SERVERS: Users must update to get new homebrew from the network because the system has been moved to a new server
Added logo by josh_axey, winner of the logo contest
Added Credits : Click on the title bar of the application for details

ChangeLog v4:
Cosmetic Changes
Fixed Filename (No more "Homebrew Transferer for by Hgoel0974")
Removed "Transfer" tab, functionality disabled
Major Bug Fixes
Servers Updated! Added loads of new homebrew!

ChangeLog v3:
Major Bug Fixes!
Decreased load times
Added the ability to provide file details
Spaces are now allowed
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#177402 by rafael707
Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:45 am
hgoel0974 wrote:For quite a long time I had been thinking that there is a playstation network and store from where anyone can download games so why not a homebrew network? then, finally when I got my hands on the Urbanix exploit I realised that ever since I stopped following the psp scene, alot of the sites like dashhacks seemed to have lost their quality so I created this,

The Homebrew Network

It currently is only available for pc and requires .NET framework 4.0 ( I don't have enough knowledge to make a homebrew application :cry: )
Please bear with the fact that right now only the network part is working,the option to transfer to your PSP/PSVITA is not working yet.

Also because I just made this so there isn't much on the network, Its 2:30 am here so I am putting the username and password here, the examples for how the whole thing is setup are on the server. The categories.txt file contains all the different categories. For any entry added, please make sure that the file it points to MUST be thecategoryname.txt , spaces are not allowed in any place.

your thecategoryname.txt must have the name for each file on a new line, and the relative file MUST be a zip with the exact same name, again there are examples on the server.

PASSWORD: password
SERVER: ftp://gwygo.bugs3.com/
DIRECT LINK : ftp://user:password@gwygo.bugs3.com/

Download link: Homebrew Network

Note : Some antiviruses may detect a virus, but don't worry, this application depends on AutoIt which uses some specific code which is sometimes misunderstood to be a virus.

Basically the main portion of the project is working only the FTP to PSP/PSVITA part remains.

So this is a ftp server for homebrew?
#177407 by hgoel0974
Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:51 am

Think of it like the Playstation store of the homebrew world! But, no restrictions and everything is free!

The files are hosted on an ftp server though

Also,when you use it there will be a second tab "Transfer"
That doesn't work at all yet,But the "Homebrew Network" tab allows you to download apps from the server to pc
I know its a bit cinfusing but trust me, when you try it everything will be clear! :P
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#177413 by rafael707
Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:56 am
hgoel0974 wrote:No.

Think of it like the Playstation store of the homebrew world! But, no restrictions and everything is free!

Ok, how does one access this archive? I see your user info for it, but thats it :?:
#177415 by Sakuryu
Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:57 am
So...this is piracy then? Or is it just hosting the apps and such that are free? Or am I reading everything wrong here?
#177419 by hgoel0974
Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:00 am
Just download the program, choose a category and download the file you want.

If you want to add files then use any FTP Client and edit the .txt files and upload the zip based on the already existing example

Nope, no piracy

Only for free homebrew,anyone can upload their psp/ps vita apps!

The only way I could come up with to make sure that all the files were correctly transferred was by ftp. http seemed to be ignoring new line characters which based on the format is a BIG problem
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#177420 by rafael707
Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:01 am
Sakuryu wrote:So...this is piracy then? Or is it just hosting the apps and such that are free? Or am I reading everything wrong here?

Apparently its for homebrew not isos, and its ftp server based :roll:
#177901 by hgoel0974
Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:48 pm
Major Update! Read the first post for details, download link is the same. ;)

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