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pspemulator flash

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Re: pspemulator flash

Post by Youkosnake » Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:25 am

Very well. Nifty. I'm just getting into this PSP thing. I've always been a homebrewer, since the launch of the phat PSP. I'm just getting into the Dev mode of it. Its hella different than android development. Haha. I'm assuming this Kermit module needs to be looked at more in-depth before we know everything it gives access to, correct? Then once that happens, with the emulator kernal exploit, we could work on breaking Kermit and opening up a path to the vita. I'm assuming once that happens, since were getting in via hardware modules, it would basically be a direct vita kernel exploit, theoretically. I might just be talking out of my behind here. I'm not really as up to speed on PSP/vita devving as android/Linux.

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