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Thoughts on Sony blocking activation?

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Thoughts on Sony blocking activation?

Post by sonic02 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:44 am

i've missed the chance to have my ps vita activated & backing up the activation files for my psn account like many other users(i never new how important the act.dat & related files were) & keep getting the E-80558325 activation error message which is sony related

i know after henkaku enso came out but are or will we hopefully get a new ps vita activator from mod developers to get our act.dat & activation related files from sony server's on our vita's again because the firmware spoof to 3.65, epsp bubble installer, old version of ps vita activator, ps3 transfer game trick doesn't work & also restoring the system & entering in your psn info doesn't generate the act.dat file as well which is weird/driving me crazy

i wish there was front page post warning us about backing our vita activation files weeks/a month or two ago about backing up our vita activation files before the enso released to inform us about how important is to backup these files

i really would like to download my purchased games & activate my ps vita again & install Adrenaline (i know the flow going to work on a version of Adrenaline that can be installed as vpk and doesn't require activation in September) but mainly i just want the chance to get the activation files for my vita's 1000 & used 2000 that i've recently brought to backup the related files for safe keeping/peace of mind

sorry for the long post i just thought maintain my question about this annoying issue looking as no one post about it yet but what are u guys thoughts on this whole psn sony game content block issue?
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Re: Thoughts on Sony blocking activation?

Post by ishygdaft » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:19 pm

The Flow will have you covered for activation on ps1/pspemu stuff. Those games you backed up using cma (if you did) and your download list are long gone...


I think that blocking activation doesn't do a dang thing other then convince people who avoided it before to have to pirate. If I can't download the games I paid for because Sony doesn't want me to have access to the store I'll just go look around online, I bought my copy. The problem is with the games I want to buy but can't, like minecraft. There's no cart, I bought the boxed copy and it just came with a download voucher.

That's a legal minefield though, it's why I try to get carts. Network services are *** because they can vanish at any time (like this) and you're stuck with nothing to show for all the money you've thrown at your device.
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