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Not working on 3006 4g model?!

All topics regarding downgrading with TN Hen
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Re: Not working on 3006 4g model?!

Post by TragicTheBlubbering » Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:04 am

Disturbed0ne wrote:
bingo88380 wrote:PSP 4g Models Cant be downgraded to 5.03. Only upto 6.20. PSP 3g models can downgrade to 5.03. Do not attempt to downgrade below it. And if you brick your PSP then dont ask how to unbrick
Why are you bumping a thread that's over a month old with an answer that's already been given? :shock:
^This.^ Since the question has been answered, I will lock this.
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i was wondering if there anyway to mod the ps3 so i can play ps3 game ??


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