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PSP-3001 Connect this system to a PC using USB. Now what?

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PSP-3001 Connect this system to a PC using USB. Now what?

Post by JainJude » Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:59 am

If the system gets turned on without it being plugged in via USB, I can't select any options other than USB Connection which just tells me to plug it in to a PC or PS3. After plugging it in, the computer does recognize the PSP and I'm able to go through the folders and files on my PC. I'm also able to back out of USB mode (while it's still plugged in) to access all of the other settings and options in the PSP OS.

UMD Games launch just fine, both via the menu when it's connected via USB and by the auto launch when it's not plugged in. The moment it's unplugged from the PC and I quit the game however, it just snaps back to the USB Connection selection telling me to plug it into a PC or PS3 and I can't scroll off of it to select anything else without plugging it in to a PC again. While it's connected the PSP just says "USB Mode" with no other prompts.

It has been restored to default settings, both through the System Settings and holding the face buttons down and restarting it. The memory card has been formatted and the system is running 6.60.

The only other issue it has is the battery doesn't hold a charge, but it turns on just fine when plugged in with the OEM charger. It does not turn on when plugged in only via USB. The battery info in the System Settings only shows 'Power Source: External' (again, with OEM charger), everything else just has a dash. I only bring this up on the off chance it might be affecting something else.

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