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Re: PSP Go S-Video

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:40 am
by talon99
Trust me its really hard to find a reliable site.'s order page doesn't function correctly.

Pulled the pinout for the PSP Slim serial from PS2DEV mirror as it PS2DEV is dead. ... c1c0d.html

Took some time to find. But on the forum it says 50k component to GND yet one user there measured 42k to GND so im assuming you you could remove the PSP slim proprietary connector and connect the:

(3) Cable detect input ( 42k to gnd= component cable present )
to the
(15) Enable Component Video Out
(Resistance 50k to GND)/ (or possibly 42k to GND)
Enable Composite/S-video Video Out
(Resistance 5,5k to GND)

by just soldering the correct wire i bet they use the same resistance settings.

other than that im also guessing that you would study each connector and find and the correct pins to solder to correct cable wire by cable wire.
Maybe this will help someone.

Here's the post from the PS2DEV mirror:
Well after much research i can confirm the following pi-out for a PSP SLIM remote connector
1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10 11 12


1) rx
2) +vs ( this behaves as a psp phat, ie see all other threads for sce remote device power behaviour )
3) Cable detect input ( 42k to gnd= component cable present )
4) remote detect line ( cts )
5) Pb
6) Agnd
7) Mic input
8) Tx
9) Dgnd ( Agnd in Comp Cable mode )
10 ) Y
11) Agnd
12) Pr

Have confirmed the remot pins cos have stable comms to the psp from a pc.

Note some comp cables have dc blocking caps on the component lines so prvent buzzing through, but ripped mine appart to check !!, all have the 42k to earth to signal their presenc

Re: PSP Go S-Video

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:14 am
by talon99
Thanks for trying to help. I just know their was no official ones and they are rare. It’s probably not hard wire to wire as long as the Slim and the Go’s port uses the same resistance settings etc. which I think they might.