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PSP 2001 Brick [Solved]

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Re: PSP 2001 Brick

Post by HoneyBadger1650 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:41 pm

So where do I find the motherboard version? I've removed the battery cover from the back of the unit and see a white space with the serial number (HU1581454), but I don't think that's what you guys wanted. I'd use PSPident if I could, but since the unit doesn't have a CFW recovery anymore, that's not going to work. I've also asked around, and none of my friends have any PSP's that I could use to make a soft pandora battery, so that option's out as well...

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Re: PSP 2001 Brick

Post by fate6 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:57 pm ... e-cfw.html

Explains how to check mobo based on serial number.
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Re: PSP 2001 Brick

Post by HoneyBadger1650 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:41 pm

Thanks so much for your help, guys! I figured it out. Apparently I was using a battery that was too new for being able to be made into a pandora, so I got out my second battery and ripped out the pin that goes to line 19 (on the chip next to the plug piece) and it worked. I re-made my magic memory stick and installed 5.00 OFW and then 6.61 which i then used PRO-C to get back to CFW. Everything works fine now!

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Re: PSP 2001 Brick [Solved]

Post by Butcher » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:48 pm

Good - i have much my PSP 100x and 200x battery orginal and not but - once tested Hard mode pandora on 1 slim and worked ,on any otcher never tested hard mode method (maybe is some newest then not support in mobo hard mode any more) but i kno on all i have work Soft mode via PSP Tool.

I prefer also if u moded hardmode to return psp battery to normal (the piin) and use in PSP tool a soft mode method and always have in Pandora mode battery or if u wonna in the pin (hard mode ) method - alwys for fouture easy have to fix Brick - also a MMSPD card witch Magic card soft .

Or have 2 psp - moded CFW and on it making in PSP Tool pandora and mms card - i have 3 psp so no problem for my also that :)

But nice u fixed - its in 100x-200x (up to ta88v3) easy to unbrick - takes 10m witch making files and unbricking on psp

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