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Thanks for fun journey :)

Everything that is PSP-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Thanks for fun journey :)

Post by wmxp » Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:48 am

Prior to the release of Henkaku, my Vita and PSPs had been sitting dormant for a few years; PSP since 2011, Vita since 2012. So HENkaku comes along and it was a fun ride for a few weeks, but the homebrew is still very much in its infancy, and will never reach the levels the PSP did. The fun factor of the game collection pales in comparison also, but that's another matter.

My primary PSP had always been a launch phat 1000, and I had it decked out just nicely with a nice setup.
-6.20 Pro on the flash; 5.00M33 on Time Machine /w IRShell
-Hellcat's Recovery Flasher mixed with DCC with Jig battery on L trigger boot, with premade NAND dumps with all settings pre-configured to quickly switch to any CFW on the fly. (5.00M33-6 / 5.50GEN D2/D3 / 6.20 Pro / 6.20 ME / 6.39 Pro / 6.39)
-Each NAND dump had VSH plugins set to OFF, saved in it's config, so I could reflash the system and the next boot wouldn't freeze the system due to mismatched plugins.
-Zipped seplugins setups for each CFW saved on the root of the MS, along with Claw Explorer which by default extracts zip files to the folder they are contained in, and overwrites any files without prompting. Takes only a few seconds to Enable VSH plugins -> Claw extract -> Reboot

I didn't go overboard with plugins, but a had a few favourites: Game categories, xmbctrl, dayviewer, tempar, macrofire, audioboost, hold+, popstation, remotejoy. Maybe a few more.

But I put it away sometime in early 2011 and that was that. However, the old flame started burning this past month, so I dug it out and went through the motions of doing all the updating. My girlfriend has a pair of 3001's, and I was never a fan of the new LCD. Always thought the colors were way off, and the screen door effect was noticeable.

I decided I was determined to track down a TA85v1 Slim, so I hit craigslist up for a few weeks chasing leads. And.....I got one finally. Near mint for $50. I have a PSPGo I bought at the start of 2011 also, but never took out of its box.
Despite my initial reservations about the LCD screen, it's actually a neat little toy. Very pocket friendly.

Where am I going with all this? One simple thing. A big fat THANK YOU to this community. After a week of solid reading, chasing down mirrors for all the zillion dead links/sites all over the net, proved to be the last vestige of hope for me in so many ways. ALL the little things that use to irk me have all been addressed by one developer or another. Five and a half years of missed updates and reading to comb through, and I'm so thoroughly impressed.

To name a few of my favs:

-Team Pro and Neuroner fixing their respected CFWs to play nice with each other and support dual booting / co existing. No conflicts with settings at all, it's glorious.
-Davee for his amazing Infinity base firmware to grant the impossible to late generation models
-Rahim_US for fixing all the stupid bugs in each CFW, and cross porting all the major selling point features of each CFW.
-Leecherman for polishing so many of my favourite plugins to work on 6.60/6.61, as well as fantastic feature refinement such as Pro/ME detection in XBMctrl, as well as separating the System Settings menu. (Still trying to get his save states mod plugin to play nice though)
-Codestation for his wonderfully polished version of game categories, for which living without at this point is a scary thought. (Mad props for qcma also)
-Neuroner / Plum / Minerva / hiroi01 / ClassG / Coldbird / VirtuousFlame and more. All star devs, each with their respected talents who truly made the PSP a work of art.

I had originally bought the PSPGo for a "home console" project. As amazing as RemoteJoy is, it only gets you so far with the PSP library. I picked up the PSPGo docking cradle, and I was going to snag the component cables for it. ( slightly annoyed the 2000/3000 kit wasn't supported), the plan being to stick it under the TV and play on the big screen using the Go's bluetooth support for DualShock 3's. Alas, I have a Vita TV for that now >_>. This Go is getting some pocket love, however this new 2001 Slim is most def my new main. (Wifi switch was starting to pack up on my phat now finally after all these years, as they all do)

Still have to finish Valkyria 2 and all its zillion missions before moving on to VC3 and maybe Type 0. Yay for fan subs \o/

May this community never die. Thanks again for all your hard work, and for the countless guides and write ups.

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Re: Thanks for fun journey :)

Post by fate6 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:48 pm

Team Pro and Neuroner fixing their respected CFWs to play nice with each other and support dual booting / co existing. No conflicts with settings at all, it's glorious.
Well I mean Neur0n did join Team PRO at the and sooooo.....
And yea there is nothing like the old PSP scene, fun times even if I did lurk through most of it.
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