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#119399 by V@ughn
Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:00 am
Sonymon v0.2 "the pokemon homebrew"
you can find the most immediate changes and updates on the official project page->


Programming/Project leader: V@ughn


Programming help and support:
-members of Dashhacks ;)

Beta testers:

DOWNLOAD Sonymon v0.2 *unsigned*:

DOWNLOAD Sonymon v0.2 *signed* :

Sonymon is a 2d homebrew game made for psp. In sonymon, the player can play in free roam, and story mode. In free roam mode, the player can walk around simply exploring and finding sonymon, the player can also transfer sonymon he or she finds while in free roam to story mode. In story mode the player plays through an epic story about the creation and problem that the sonymon cause.

This is a fairly large homebrew project, and trying to replicate what nintendo did will take some time, but each release will have significant changes so do not forget to come back and check for updates :D (btw when I have time I will compress the eboot of the signed version to make it smaller but right now I am very busy). I hope you guys like this homebrew, it took a lot of effort to develop it this far ;).

Here is a sneak peek of whats to come in v0.3 :)

Current bugs *PLEASE READ*
-some moves do not yet have animation
-pink outline shows sometimes
-record book overwrites variables sometimes
-wild fanz attacks without warning

History of all changes within the Sonymon project

-increased AI speed
-fixed some battle bugs
-fixed player name glitch
-changed font
-removed many global variables and created 5 slots for sonymon to be held in
-fixed many different bugs
-got rid of story mode (not enough resources)
-varied sonymon that can be battled
-added new sonymon
-changed entrance effects and battle sounds
-added more battle move animations
-fixed sonymon description table glitch

-replaced game icon and pic1
-added a new save icon and a new save pic1
-player name now saves (array gets corrupted... needs work)s
-had to switch to oslib's version of the osk (fixed a really annoying crash)
-fixed xmb exit bug
-less memory is now used (faster loading times)
-bigger difference between stats for all sonymon
-fixed multiple bugs
-added "cecei"
-added "fanz"
-added "blip"
-enemy AI is now a lot faster
-aligned health bars correctly
-replaced title music
-improved COMPUTER class
~COMPUTER class handles itself internally
~faster loading times
~more accurate movements
~enhanced collision
-rewrote player class to adapt to the new map class
-rewrote map class to enhance map collision/detection
-replaced old Free-Roam maps with one large Free-Roam map

-first build released December 31, 2011


[Sonymon beta9]
-configured sonymon party navigation
-changed sonymon record book display
-fixed xp
-edited max xp values of all sonymon
-changed pound mark picture
-fixed health bar color
-added animation for jumpKick
-added animation for contanimate
-added animation for clobber
-added animation for steroids ;)
-added animation for empty and erased moves
-began intro in story mode
-edited art and sounds
-saving and loading is now fully functional!
~sonymon id's and levels now save!
~map and map points now save!
-remastered sonymon project code
~sonymon project now creates 3 object files instead of one
~cleaned up a lot of errors and warnings
~commented code for others to view ;)
-introduced item functions to the game (items are now available YAY)
~press the triangle button in-game to get a new item (needs more work done)
-added an inventory display method
-added item obtained sound effect
-changed "blumkins" to "blumdins"

[Sonymon beta8]
-game music no longer gets mixed with battle music
-damage notifiers now present in battle function (ex: "it's super effectve")
-added battle music intro
-added different battle music(loops correctly now too)
-cleaned up drawing when talking to computers
-drew new sprites and edited old ones
-fixed the multiple computer glitch when player enters portal
-edited map waypoints
-improved computer AI
-changed menu look
-began story mode FTW!!!
-created "Secruit Town" map (starting map)
-edited records
-edited party view

[Sonymon beta7]
-added a new map
-added more route sounds
-created record book...every sonymon
->seen saves to records now
-player can now view a party
-changed sidebar look
-added more animation for moves
-changed battle system look
-varied enemy moves
-added new computers
-updated computer AI
-made battles happen less often
-added "sturk"
-changed sidebar
-added some new maps
-press select to toggle screen text
-added move "slam" animation
-varied moves each sonymon can learn
-signed homebrew
-updated battle system
-added transitional effects
-edited maps
-and many other things :D

[Sonymon beta6]
-updated battle system
-changed the font
-edited computer AI and collision function
-edited art
-in the process of implementing saving (using psp gu's save method)
-made message boxes
-added xp to the game
-add levels to sonymon
-each sonymon now has its own id

[Sonymon beta5]
-changed the weight of the attack scale (attack is divided in half before it is applied)
-added two new types to type table (not used yet)
-added 8 new moves (not used yet)
-edited ICON0
-created PIC1
-created a few computers and created basic AI
-changed pointer
-configured menu
-reorganized the screen
-changed fonts
-fixed type scale
-fixed character walking patters
-fixed map end detection
-edited all sonymon, battle, menu, and selector art (photoshop FTW)
-added new sounds
-edited readme

[Sonymon beta4]
-replaced update turn function, enemy AI functions, item functions,
and player functions, with seperate classes
(runs more smoothly now)
-added uplink center
-fixed sounds from colliding
-added the GNU public license

[Sonymon beta3]
-edited player sprite
-edited open records option
-edited open bag option
-edited sonymon sprites
-created a battle animation function
-added "tackle" animation
-player flashes when hurt as well now
-faster battles
-went HARDCORE on map detection function
(there are temporary position marks displayed at the top)

[Sonymon beta2]
-edited pics
-made attack, defense, and health values accurate using y = B + lx (explained in the source)
-added more maps
-added device to find sonymon
-went HARDCORE on battle function, many more features (well not visible ones)
-added option to select starting sonymon in free roam

[Sonymon beta1]
-rewrote code and ported it from C to C++
-ripped sprites
-edited sprites
-drew sonymon art, backgrounds etc
-edited and recorded a plethora of sounds
-configured sprite, battle mode, and maps

[Sonymon Project]
-***launched sonymon project***
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#119400 by fouadtjuhmaster
Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:28 am
Can't admit it, this looks very nice.
#119418 by V@ughn
Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:24 am
I had thought of that idea before and decided this homebrew will be treated as the base and all the other versions will gradually stem off of it.... that is if I deem it worthy of having successors, but as you said that is very far from now ;)
#119626 by Casavult
Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:23 am
Man, I totally missed your thread. :x

Hey, Bloodles! How is things man? I'm glad to see Sonymon is moving on forward still. :)

I need to get back into BETA testing but I'm so lazy these days. :lol: :cry:
#119640 by V@ughn
Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:06 am
hey casavault! I am buried in making homebrews right now, I do this to myself lol,
and don't worry about it, testing days are over ;)

I see you are very active here :)
#119689 by Casavult
Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:03 pm
Indeed, this is a great community here at /talk. :D
#120033 by V@ughn
Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:30 am
well I am not in need of anymore beta testers, (no need for it anymore) so no, though I could use some artists, we are kinda short handed :)

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