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#97582 by ChaoticXSinZ
Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:23 am
Finally, The successor to OneMangaPSP!

So my git repository tells me that I started on xMangaPSP back in May 2010… In any case I've been working on it on and off for the past year (overwhelmingly off though due to school, work, etc...) Anyways, I put in a lot of work these past few days and have something with the basics working and then some.

A little quick lesson first:
xMangaPSP is a complete rewrite of the original OneMangaPSP. It does not use SDL or PSPgl and instead uses the native sceGu directly. The fact that it's a rewrite also means that you won't find all the features the original had, at least not yet.

Another major difference from OneMangaPSP which in fact warranted the name change (well that and shutting down and all...) is that is supports different manga sources. As of now though only one source is available but the actual code to support more is mostly in place. The one supported is I did have support for too as early as last year but it no longer works due to changes made by them (splitting the images into chunks sometimes, though I haven't recently checked it).
Also, xMangaPSP support PNG or JPEG images and can determine which at runtime.

OneMangaPSP had memory leaks which caused crashes. I've been trying to keep memory usage low and managed with xMangaPSP. OneMangaPSP had some issues with Phat PSP due to less memory cause of the aforementioned leaks. xMangaPSP should be able to work well on any PSP.

Disclaimer: I've only tested with 6.39 ME, 6.39 OFW, 6.60 ME-1.3 and 6.60 OFW so YMMV. Please report any errors you might get as I wanna fix any issues that pop up.


Some screenshots now:
Wifi Connect

Main Screen

Loading Manga list

Browsing throught the manga list

Using the alphabet selector

Selecting a chapter for a manga (in this case Naruto)

Reading the actual manga images

Loading the next image

Some other interesting info:
xMangaPSP is shipped as a single EBOOT which packs all needed resources into a zip file stored in the PSAR section of the eboot. It even supports compression!

xMangaPSP uses XML files for the actual UI layout. What that means is that the UI is entirely changeable without recompiling anything! (Sure saved me a lot of time). Also means that it supports themeing to an extent. You can override the default ui files loaded from the EBOOT by placing your own in a folder called "ui".

Here's how the XML for the main screen looks:
Code: Select all<window name="Menu" type="main">
    <bouncyBox colour="red" />
    <bouncyBox x="480" colour="blue" />
    <bouncyBox y="272" colour="green" />
    <bouncyBox x="480" y="272" colour="gray" />
    <!-- Background -->
    <quad x="0" y="0" width="480" height="272" colour="235,234,235,200" />
    <quad x="0" y="0" width="480" height="30" colour="black,200" />
    <text x="240" y="20" font="{LATIN_SANS_SERIF_BOLD}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="red" shadowColour="90,0,0" value="xMangaPSP" />
    <text x="240" y="75" font="{LATIN_SANS_SERIF_ITALIC_BOLD}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="36,36,36" value="Choose an option:" />
    <list x="240" y="120" offsetX="0" offsetY="25" maxItems="5">
        <text whence="scrolldown" x="310" y="120" font="{SYMBOLS}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="gray" value="" />
        <text whence="scrollup" x="310" y="120" font="{SYMBOLS}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="black" value="" />
        <text whence="active" font="{LATIN_SANS_SERIF_REGULAR_SMALL}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="36,36,36" value="[]" />
        <text whence="inactive" font="{LATIN_SANS_SERIF_REGULAR_SMALL}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="red" value="[]" />
        <text whence="scrollup" x="310" y="214" font="{SYMBOLS}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="gray" rotate="180" value="" />
        <text whence="scrolldown" x="310" y="214" font="{SYMBOLS}" align="center" size="1.0" colour="black" rotate="180" value="" />
    <text x="5" y="265" font="fonts/arib.pgf" align="left" size="1.0" colour="23,23,23" value="" />
    <text x="25" y="261" font="{LATIN_SERIF_REGULAR_SMALL}" align="left" size="1.0" colour="73,73,73" value="- Select" />
    <!-- Just for caching purposes. -->
    <text x="2" y="2" font="{LATIN_SANS_SERIF_BOLD_SMALL}" size="1.0" colour="white,0" value="" />
    <text x="2" y="2" font="{LATIN_SANS_SERIF_ITALIC_SMALL}" size="1.0" colour="white,0" value="" />

You can see the rest at: ... sources/ui
So those of you artistically inclined might be interested in making your own layouts!

Anyways, that's all for right now. I really hope to hear from you and what you think. If you have any issues make sure to post them so I can fix it ASAP.
You can always access the code yourself @
You should be able to compile it with the latest MinPSPW. If you have any issues with that, ask away as well.
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#97662 by toBsucht
Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:50 pm
Seems like it is working well!! I concet to www chossen a caperter (probatly a big once and it start downloading .. very long so i truned off psp i´m "not" a manga fan..
here is the signed eboot ~ 900kb
#97687 by AM new i guess
Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:02 pm
toBsucht wrote:Seems like it is working well!! I concet to www chossen a caperter (probatly a big once and it start downloading .. very long so i truned off psp i´m "not" a manga fan..
here is the signed eboot ~ 900kb
really most of your post Really dont make sense,and most of them are just you sighing homebrew :|
#116859 by InnocentNyuu
Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:17 am
Hey chaotic , are you gonna compile the updated version of xmangapsps?

cause i dont really know how to do it..
The unsigned eboot link is btw down and the signed eboot gives a error in psp game as follows:

net error: connect() timed out

So yeah will you compile the eboot or give instructions how to compile it.?
#116869 by toBsucht
Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:22 pm
InnocentNyuu wrote:.. signed eboot gives a error in psp game as follows:

net error: connect() timed out

it´s not the eboot it is the server :( btw if you use the ofw ver. with hen you got the same memory as with cfw ver.
#117084 by ChaoticXSinZ
Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:51 pm
Sorry about that. The server died and I hadn't gotten a chance to replace it. Well in any case I've finally got it working on Google App Engine. The latest git commit should have the right server entered. Also the git contains a new feature: use the analog nub to move around the image!

In any case, I'll try to upload a new build a bit later.
#118374 by nakano
Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:11 pm
Thank you ChaoticXSinZ for the latest release!

I am really glad you have continued to develop this. At the moment, I can't properly test the release as I don't have a WLAN access (only 3G). However, I have one suggestion (as always). I noticed the option menu was completely blank. You will probably add something to there later on. Would it be possible to customize the keys? At least, a reversed R/L option is useful for me. I also had some other feature requests in your website when it was up, maybe you'll consider them too when you have time. And Merry Christmas holidays!

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