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PMF Player 1.4 bY DJGodman

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:54 am
by DJGodman
PSP PMF Player v1.4 Homebrew bY DJGodman PSPModsā„¢
Which can load your (intros/cintros/gameboots).pmf files.
This Made bY Me : DJGodman PSPModsā„¢

!!!Works With All PSP Models With CFW!!!

Special Thanks To My Team Who Help Me With That:

TheDarknessArrives ( awesome tutorials ) YT:
mariosv819 ( pc hacking ) YT:
Davidgon100 ( awesome tutorials ) YT:

Install :

1)Here you can put your pmf file (intros/cintros/gameboots), rename your pmf file to ( cintro.pmf )

2)Intall The Program
ms0:/PSP/GAME/PMF Player/eboot.pbp /pmfPlayer.prx

v1.3a :
v1.3b :
v1.4 :