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#93470 by djbevan
Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:39 am
Dorakz v1.5J released

* Build date
-13TH of August
-Day 154
* Fixed small errors in code
-Cleaned up code
-Now shows the PSP FW version in main menu
* Added to menu
-Press Up to remove Browser history
* New 6.60 version.txt
-Cross to write 6.60 version to ms0:/SEplugins/version.txt
-Works on media go 1.8 (Build 121)
#94143 by djbevan
Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:45 pm
toBsucht wrote:... no link @ to your brew? edited

I've updated the site to have link to Dorakz now :D
I knew i had forgotten to do something
Thanks for the help
#96749 by djbevan
Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:26 pm
toBsucht wrote:omg if i got to i get a warrning that the site is reported as a"bad site" (criminal)
i really hope that´s not true
try going to site has been updated with new links (with no or
Thanks again for the help
#136237 by djbevan
Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:15 pm
Dorakz v1.5K released

* Build date
-7TH of April 2012
-Day 392
* Added to menu
-Press Down to remove
PIC0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, ICON1.PMF and SND0.AT3 files from SAVEDATA folder
* 6.60 version.txt
-Works on media go 2.1 (Build 392)
#136267 by Casavult
Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:25 am
Nice update. :)
#160085 by djbevan
Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:27 pm
Dorakz v1.5L released


* Build date
-21ST of August 2012
-Day 528
* Fixed small errors in code
-Cleaned up code
-Now shows size of free ram in bytes
* Check updated
-Checks if splash.jpg is on MS if not it loads imbedded splash.jpg from ram
-Checks if External Power is On or Off
-Checks if Battery is Inserted
-Checks if Battery is Charging
-Checks if Battery is Low

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