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[Release] MIPSPiler v1.0 (devs only)

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[Release] MIPSPiler v1.0 (devs only)

Post by qwikrazor87 » Fri May 11, 2018 10:07 pm

I released this on Twitter about a week ago, just wanted some place this homebrew can easily be found.
Anyway, this is a Python homebrew that compiles MIPS code solely on the PSP to create plugins (both user/kernel).
Here's the readme:
MIPSPiler by qwikrazor87

This is a MIPS compiler script written in Python for the PSP with very basic support. It is not meant as a replacement for the PSP SDK, but to be able to create simple user/kernel plugins on the go if you do not have access to a computer or have issues installing the SDK. This app is not meant for the average joe, mainly for developers.

These are the files you should update.

This is the file where you write the MIPS code. A sample has been provided that does a simple file log to ms0:/klog.txt.
FPU/VFPU instructions are not included and aren't necessary for most tasks.
Check for supported instructions and register names.
This is the file where you define the module name, attribute, exports and imports. A sample has been included.
Paths in here are hardcoded to compile to ms0:/seplugins/mips.prx and for mips.s, update as needed.

It has not been thoroughly tested. Feel free to give it a shot and report bugs to @qwikrazor87 on Twitter or qwikrazor87 at Take into consideration that this was written on my crappy phone. It currently does not print anything to the screen while compiling, just stays black then exits. Check generated pytrace.txt for debugging after running. Currently it only generates plugins, but with other apps the plugin (user) can be packed into an EBOOT.PBP.

Enjoy. :)
Download: ... 2492245156

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