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#418184 by ErikPshat
Fri May 05, 2017 7:06 pm
LightMP3 v2.0.0 RC4 6.61

This is a simple MP3/OGG/FLAC/AA3 player for the PSP.
With the display set to minimum brightness the battery should last at least 9 hours.
With the display off the battery should last at least 11 hours.
Instructions for use read in README.
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  • -Added: Support for 6.20/6.35/6.39/6.60/6.61
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I added only new NIDs to cooleyesBridge src and compiled new version for compatable with 6.xx (6.20/6.39/6.35/6.36/6.37/6.38/6.39/6.60/6.61).
It's work for 5 minutes.
Code: Select all   IMPORT_FUNC   "sceAudio_driver",0x45543440,sceAudioSetFrequency620 //6.20
   IMPORT_FUNC   "sceAudio_driver",0x0BF0FA03,sceAudioSetFrequency630 //6.30-6.39
   IMPORT_FUNC   "sceAudio_driver",0x4A0FE97D,sceAudioSetFrequency660 //6.60-6.61

   IMPORT_FUNC   "sceMeCore_driver",0x3A2E60BB,sceMeBootStart620 //6.20
   IMPORT_FUNC   "sceMeCore_driver",0x99E4DBFA,sceMeBootStart630 //6.30-6.39
   IMPORT_FUNC   "sceMeCore_driver",0x5DFF5C50,sceMeBootStart660 //6.60-6.61

The latest cooleyesBridge had the latest support until 5.xx (5.00/5.50). I did not delete anything. There support 3.5x-5.50 everything remains.
And just compiled one common miniconv.prx (miniconv.cjk + miniconv.eur) - It performs the conversion from all encodings codepages to UTF-8.
LightMP3 v2.0.0 RC4 6.61 - download from GitHub and SRC.
4 audio tracks for testing - in formats OGG (Vorbis), FLAC (Lossless), AA3 (Atrac3+) and MP3.

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