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#389523 by Joel16
Sat May 30, 2015 4:20 pm
There's gonna be a massive update coming pretty soon, which brings along with - a lot of goodies. Most likely in the second week of June. Have a look at the videos that are tagged '5.2' I'm thinking of having language support. It may not make it into the update coming, but I might think about it after 5.2. Quite a good amount of people have been asking for this, so would anyone be willing to help? I'd like to support the following:

Russian (Most requested)

It'll look somewhat like this:


PS. Google translations are not always accurate, that is why I need help from you guys.
#389634 by Joel16
Sun May 31, 2015 8:18 pm
Omega2058 wrote:Good to see you still working on stuff. Keep it up homie. c:

Lol don't think I will be for long on this one tbh. Might just do two more updates, the one I have prepared, and the other for the language stuff.

I'm only doing the language one because this Russian guy has been asking me for ages and I don't wanna make false promises haha :)
#390250 by Joel16
Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:27 pm
It's that time again. I finally got around to releasing the next major update. I'm not gonna say much but if you wanna stick around have a look at the spoilers. Just a breif notice, online updates no longer works (because I doubt I'll continue this project for long) and the boot animation has been stripped to support all PSP's. The change-log's down below with the download link under it.

About future updates
Honestly, I've been demotivated to work on this. I've spent a lot of time trying to get this to work as efficiently as iR Shell was but I may not ever reach that state. I don't want to bring back any iR stuff, I just want this project to be stable enough to really replace your XMB. Unfortunately due to the lack of support, my interest in this project is dying here. For now, I may only release one or two updates only because I want to sort somethings out. These things are any additional issues if reported, and localization support along with the things under the not working list. PS. localization seems to be coming along nicely, but due to some words in other languages being longer, they may look messy and so it'll needs some work there. I'm still looking for German and Spanish translators.

The not working list
- UMD : Honestly I can't get this to work. I don't own a PSP with a UMD slot, so without testing and debugging its gonna be quite difficult. Sure there a lot of samples around, but I do not like releasing without knowing whether its gonna work or not. So until I can rely on a tester, this is never going to get fixed.

- Calculator: still haven't gotten around to this yet. You can only use the analog keys to highlight the numbers and operators for now. (Not available in standard releases)

- Adhoc messenger: still haven't gotten around to this yet. (Not available in standard releases)

Screenshots and videos
New welcome screen

New game menu


Custom Fonts

Security Features

New game menu

App highlighting animation


Code: Select allFeatures:
- Added android lollipop key tones:
   + Lock and unlock screen tones
   + Screen-shot captured tone
   + Lollipop's key-press tones - It is now only activated when something can be triggered/opened.
- Implemented Theme system:
   + Allows you to change fonts (real time) - uses PGF fonts only for now. Use ttf2pgf to convert ttf or oft fonts to PGF
   + Allows you to change into one of CyanogenPSP's provided wallpapers.
   + Restarting is no longer required for changing wallpapers.
- Re-organized time and battery display.
- Re-organized digital time system.
- Limit string length in certain areas - Allows for a more cleaner and user friendly look.
- Uses normalized audio files for tones.
- Added security settings:
   + Added password lock option. (20 character password, that can be written in any language)
   + Added 4 digit pin lock option.
- OSK uses your default language on your PSP.
- Added option to view bin files in file manager.
- Added option to create folders in file manager. (Press the R button while in the file manager)
- Revamped Game menu
   + Includes new game boot animation.
- CPU states are now saved. They no longer reset after exiting.
- App drawer/Home icons can now be highlighted when using the cursor.
- Improved remote-joy lite integration.
- MP3 Player now displays the following:
   + Song title (rather than the audio file's title)
   + Artist
   + Album
   + Year
   + Genre
- Integrated Stop watch under clock app.
- 24 Hour time toggle has been added under Settings>Display>Time.
- Quick settings now displays "Power-save" if the CPU <= 133 MHz, "Balanced" if CPU >133 MHz but <300 MHz and "Performance" if CPU >= 300.
- Added storage statistics under system/storage.
   + Displays Total Storage in MB
   + Displays Available storage in MB
- Displays PSP's nickname on the top right corner in quick settings.
- New status bar icons
   + Now displays USB debugging icon when USB is activated from settings/performance/storage.
   + Now displays music icon, when listening to music or whilst a song is being played in the background.
- Revamped welcome screen.
- Overall Performance and Stability is improved.

- Added ISO directory check to prevent crash.
- Fixed browser crash caused by the boot animation system.
- Fixed glitch-y keyboard
- Fixed buggy CPU states readings.
- Massive clean up!11!! - Check my git. - (Eliminated all warnings my compiler threw at me)
- Use bin files for storing passwords. (cause they're cooler :P)
- Fixed key tone playing twice on one press.
- Fixed OSK no longer being able to be accessed once data entry has been cancelled.
- Fixed toggles being displayed even when quick settings is pulled down in the miscellaneous tab.
- Fixed incorrect font colour when dumping UMD Boot.bin and memory.
- Fixed music crash after selecting another song whilst a song is playing in the background.
- Fixed name and password not being displayed in recovery menu in PSP system information tab.

Download CyanogenPSP 5.2

Download ttf2pgf converter (simply move the ttf font in the same folder as the makefonts.bat file is, and click on makefonts)

Feel free to check out my websitewhich displays the current features and gives a brief description about each of them.
#394434 by Joel16
Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:46 pm
Flaya wrote:Can I run this on my psp 3004 with CFW 661_PRO-C2_14-02-2015?

I don't have permanent CFW and don´t think I´ll get it until it's available for 6.61.

Yeah you can. You don't need permanent CFW to run it.
#400967 by Joel16
Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:04 pm
Wow it has been quite a while since I posted on here. It's still sad how this hasn't gotten on the main page as yet while other major scene sites such as PSX-Place, PSX-Scene and Hack Informer have already showcased it. Well anyways, I'm here to say I'm working on one final update. This time it'll surely be the final. Since most of my supporters are European and of other countries, I decided to include localization in the next release. I'll release it sometime by the end of the year, and I will say there has been manyyyy changes since v5.2. I won't be saying much, the screenshots and videos will speak for itself:

Smoother Animations:

Volume controls:

Icon Packs:


Memory Status:

Power Management Settings:

Language Selection:

Language Selection:

Theme Manager:

Icon Packs:

Revamped Recovery menu

All of the features showcased in the screenshots/videos are new features. You won't find them in v5.2. If you're willing to submit a translation have a look here.

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