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#365627 by MadZiontist
Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:43 am
This thread includes the latest version and build of OpenBOR (with a custom EBOOT), plus 64 PAKs (game mods), with more planned to be included in the future. I've tested all the PAKs, and pre-configured the app for optimal results.

Here's how I've setup the app, and some more info:
I squeezed in as many BOR PAKs as the app could hold, and run properly, w/o crashing. I also pre-configured it. I reduced the audio sampling and bit rates to their lowest level, as to allocate more resources to the games running faster/smoother. There's no noticeable (at least by me) difference in sound quality.

I also increased both the music and SFX volumes, as well as re-configured the controls. I've always thought that OpenBOR was natively configured terribly. I noticed immediately how much better I played, after I re-configured the controls. Also, I set up the video aspect ratios to default to their largest native aspect sizes. All 4:3 games, display at their largest 4:3 setting, and the 16:9 games display/stay at 16:9. Everything in the settings is set to default to these changes, in the system settings. Anytime a new PAK is added it will be automatically configured to how I set it up. No fussin' around, just hit start and play! These settings can (of course) be changed as you wish, but I really don't recommend changing anything much. Just the controls as you wish, as well as (if you really want to) stretch the 4:3 games out to 16:9 (fullscreen). I've become sort of an "aspect ratio snob" over the years lol, so I really prefer to watch movies/play games in the format they were created in. Otherwise they look stretched and weird to me. It's a matter of preference though.

Oh, and I ended up with 64 PAKs (only a few of them are demos...I included them cause they are worthy imho). The file size for the app with all the PAKs is approx 5.5GB! For those that don't know what OpenBOR is, and how it works, and are concerned about not having the mem card's the deal:

OpenBOR is an application that sort of works like an emulator, with the games being in a .pak format. They're sort of like ROMs, so you can remove as many from the app as you wish, and only store the ones on your mem card that you want. You shouldn't add anymore to this current setup though (unless you remove some), as I've maxed it out, and it would probably crash the app once you scroll past the number of PAKs it's currently holding. I'm planning on eventually starting on another (alternate custom) EBOOT and more PAKs! But for now I'm finished with BOR Bundle #1.


In 2004, Senile Team released Beats of Rage, a free beat-'em-up for DOS inspired by SEGA's Streets of Rage series and using sprites from SNK Playmore's King of Fighters series. The game spread only by word of mouth, but it nonetheless amassed popularity very quickly. Senile Team soon released an edit pack allowing anyone interested to create a mod for the BOR engine.

In 2005, Kirby2000 asked Senile Team to open the source code to BOR. They agreed, and OpenBOR was born. Development on the engine was continued by the community, and still is to this day.


Included PAKs:
A Tale Of Vengeance
Art Of Fighting BOR Remix III (KingHerb's Alt Music Mod) [v1.3 Final]
Art Of Fighting BOR Remix III (Mr. Q's Original SNK Music Mod) [Fixed]
Asterix And Caesars Challenge
Balance Of Power
Bare Knuckle - The Next Generation
Battletoads Double Dragon - Return Of The Dark Forces
Battletoads Double Dragon - The Revenge (Part 3)
Battletoads Double Dragon - The Revenge
Battletoads Double Dragon - The T. Bird Mission
Beats Of Rage Xtra
BK Marvel
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 1
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 2 (Blue Edition)
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 2 (Green Edition)
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 2 (Red Edition)
Bruce Lee - Revenge Of The Dragon [v1.0]
Burn Kingdom (Ch. 1)
Captain Commando And The Avengers
Castlevania - Pulse Of Animosity
Castlevania - Symphony Of Destruction
Castlevania - Vampire Hunters
Chrono Killer [Updated]
City Of Heroes [v4]
City Of Heroes 2011 (Marvel vs. DC - Hydra)
ClaFan (Classic Fantasy) [v1.66]
Crime Buster [v2.5]
Crisis Evil 1
Crisis Evil 2
Dante Must Kill
Darkstalkers [v1.0]
Demon's Hand
Denjin Makai ZERO
Dojo Crashers
Double Dragon Advance
Double Dragon Extreme
Double Dragon Gaiden [U.S. Ver.]
Double Dragon Genesis 2011
Double Dragon Genesis
Double Dragon Renegade
Double Dragon Revolution I
Double Dragon Revolution II
Double Dragon Revolution III - The Dragon Stone
Double Dragon SNK [Final Edition]
Double Dragon Unleashed
Double Dragon Unlimited [Ver. C]
Double Dragon Zero
Dragonball Z
Dragons Of Rage (MatMan Edit)
Dragons Of Rage EX
Dragons Of Rage
Dungeons & Dragons - Rise Of Warduke [v3.0]
Ed Edd 'N Eddy - Nightmare On Ed Street
Enter The Double Dragon [Demo 1]
Escape From Cartoon heck [Demo 2]
Evil Dead 2
Fatal Fury Re-bout 1
Fatal Fury Re-bout 2
Fighter's Rage 3
Final Fantasy
Final Fight - Special Edition [+18 Fixed]

OpenBOR [v3.0 Build 4082] (64-PAK Bundle) [3.6GB Compressed Archive]

OpenBOR [v3.0 Build 4082] (12-PAK Bundle) [768MB Compressed Archive]

Included PAKs:
Art Of Fighting BOR Remix III (Mr. Q's Original SNK Music Mod) [Fixed]
Beats Of Rage Xtra
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 1
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 2 (Blue Edition)
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 2 (Green Edition)
BOR Rhythm Of Destruction 2 (Red Edition)
Bruce Lee - Revenge Of The Dragon [v1.0]
Double Dragon Advance
Enter The Double Dragon [Demo 1]
Night Slashers X (Extra Gore Version)

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#365689 by fate6
Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:57 pm
Keep it clean guys.
#365704 by MadZiontist
Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:12 pm
Thank you fate. What you did with wiping out those posts is exactly what I was thinking I wanted done with them. Neither one of us was in the right, regardless of who initiated the conflict. I have a nasty temper sometimes, that I need to work on keeping in check, so there won't be any posts that need to be deleted.
#365736 by MadZiontist
Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:19 am
AnotherLife wrote:That's too big, can you post the program itself?

Maybe with the top 3 paks?

Sure, no prob. What would work the best as far as which PAKs I include, is to just look through the list, and post up which three you'd like.


Added a 12 PAK bundle, which is 768MB compressed. List of included games in OP.
#366795 by MadZiontist
Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:49 pm
No problem fellas, you're welcome. :)

I plan on putting together another huge bundle at some point in the future. Uploading the PAKs isn't the issue. It's testing them and all that, before I upload them, that's time consuming. I'd rather upload PAKs that all work with the app (one person -myself- make sure they show up in the list and don't crash it), than for everybody to have to test and sort through them.

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