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#359015 by UnLuck3R
Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:00 am
CSPSP, the old multiplayer homebrew by Kevin Chen.
and he stop developing this since 2011.
no one play this game after 2013.
so the new dev team also stop.


Features Changelog:
Adrenaline Support :D
vCMS is back!!!(Vlad's Custom Master Server, now with full support I think)
-improved GunMode and change ''how to turn it on/off''.(old: dir-pad left / new: hold L+R)
-added Kill effect (sound and hud)
-added some Fun stuff (when u kill someone by knife, it will appear "Humiliation!!!" sound and Hud etc.)
-when your HP < 20, HP font will change to red.
-updated Snipe mode. (weaken, made some change and added sound)(now i call it GunMode, cuz maybe ill add something else not only zoom in)
-updated dying tips. (now you can see screen gradual change)
-added and improved HP Regeneration.(thanks Peris and Kamil)
-master server re-open again. :D (this time was set up by
-updated admin menu.
-updated dying tips.
-bots can buy ammo.
-added sound effect when round start.(Go go go/ All right lets move out/ Ok lets go)
-added PIC1 used original bg.
-you can disable buy menu by "Dir-Pad-Down" too. (you cant do that after r6 since that will make bug appear with dir-pad menu)
-re-open master server (thanks Vlad1k)
-you can play online game mode without plugin now
-added Snipe mode.
-added dying tips.

Fixes' Changelog:
i think no :3
-Fix the Snipe Mode's bug.(fix when new round start still in snipe mode)
-now you can see the other guys using snipe (u couldnt see it before, it was a major bug) still not fix yet...
-fixed Snipe modes's bug, again.
-Fixed Snipe mode's minor bug.
-delete system message.(many player dont like it :( )
-Fixed AWP and other snipe guns are too strong problem.
-Fix Bluescreen bug.
-Fix bug that you couldnt hear roundstart sound in multiplayer mode.

This is not really the major update,
so i named it CSPSP 1.92+.
and im not the programmer/developer.
but im the CSPSP's fan,


If you want to create server try THIS(port forwarding needed)

old master server site :
new master server site :

NOTE: If you are PSP user, use r7.1, r8 has a bug that you have to re-login each time.
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#359581 by UnLuck3R
Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:29 am
-re-open master server (thanks Vlad1k)
-you can play online game mode without plugin now
#359623 by UnLuck3R
Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:10 pm
suloku wrote:I can find people online and add as friends, but still can't find any server, tried refreshing several times.

sorry... can u host own?
and u need to UPnP when u set server on
please try it for help
#359682 by suloku
Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:25 am
I could find servers right now, I was playing, you logged in and the game crashed, here's the exception:

Code: Select allException details:

Exception - Bus error (data)
EPC       - 08838358 / JGEApp_Title.text + 00034358
Cause     - 1000001C
Status    - 20008613
zr:00000000 at:09FBFF00 v0:00000000 v1:00000000
a0:08A5AFF0 a1:00000000 a2:08E93320 a3:00000000
t0:00000050 t1:08BD5638 t2:08905B20 t3:0000000D
t4:00000001 t5:DEADBEEF t6:DEADBEEF t7:09C367AC
s0:08A5AFF0 s1:00000000 s2:08E93320 s3:DEADBEEF
t8:DEADBEEF t9:088AEF24 k0:09FBFF00 k1:00000000
gp:0890E230 sp:09FBABC8 fp:09FBFE90 ra:08817F94

It may have to do with my plugin setup though.

EDIT: tried without any plugins, it still crashes.

PSPGo 6.20 Me 2.2 with permapatch.
#359688 by UnLuck3R
Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:39 pm
bro i cant read that
im not developer xD even this is by me
that not your fault
just my coding mistake
Fixed and i've updated

-Fixed bluescreen crash when people left game.
-Fixed bug that you couldnt hear roundstart sound.
#359691 by suloku
Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:26 pm
Thanks for the fix!

By the way, you should add some kind of version information to the .zip in future releases, be it in the filename or in a changelog.txt (update 1, update2... etc, better if date is also included). I thought you hadn't updated the link at first :lol:

ps: many maps in cspsp forums are offline, but on the servers I already downloaded 2 maps. Is there any map pack around?

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