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[W.I.P] CSPSP-Survival(r3) Run, and kill zombies! *UPDATE*

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[W.I.P] CSPSP-Survival(r3) Run, and kill zombies! *UPDATE*

Post by UnLuck3R » Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:42 am

CSPSP is awesome game by Kevin Chen(Nataku92) and he release src in 2012
this is survival mode by me.

there are some screenshots

i used hellangel98's zm module thanks him....

=feature && changelog=
-changed max money(16000 to 32000)
-used most stupid idea to fix bug of buy secondary (when u have only secondary, u cant drop secondary, whan u have only primary, u cant drop primary either)
-if zms has been flashed their health will *0.1 (ex:hp1000 got flashed->hp100)
-disable flashlight (cuz its suck when u reloading that just false)(and idk how to fix it)(cuz im not real programmer, just look at codes, and write)
-set zms' speed in gotting damage slower
-changed font(by xAMATORx's CSPSP-S mod)
-fixed credits' little bug
-changed guns.txt
-delete multiplayer(so it is only singleplay)
-bots know how to buy ammo wee~
-zombie cant pick up gun.
-humans dont have knife.
-if times up humans just win cuz they survival successful.
-change buy menu's name to weapon box.

=known bugs=
-bots be like idiots in some maps.(will fix in [r4]!)

have fun even not fun!
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Re: [W.I.P] CSPSP-Survival(r3) Run, and kill zombies! *UPDAT

Post by Genetik57 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:42 pm

Link is dead, possible to send me a new link please ?

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