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ofw HomeBrew list

Most of the homebrews discussed in this forum can be downloaded here
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ofw HomeBrew list

Post by toBsucht » Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:11 pm

First of all!!! THANKS to all those people for sign homebrews and share it here:

Ortega, DarXPloit_$a1, Skutarth, Stevebenz, ismaro3, SoftHacker, Enzeru, DaNS, dayfid, atcat1413, Dorsz914, richdotward,bsanehi, Deutschland1, vision2040, reapersmist, scarecr0w, JuNyA8971, konggeshang, wasii2009, memnoch, Flofrucht, TOcean, djbevan, clockdryve, Ichigo, mark.ryder1, dx12389, Dallox, StepS, Salmon, orezero, maxem, AndrewYY, Killerfeeshy, daho, fullarms, Takka, V@ughn, gorglucks, kolby, Nakano, JamesCutter, emink213, Boujack, perli55, Ryp, Chimecho, Yosh, RikuKH3, EcLiPsE, Vorth, snailface, fouadtjuhmaster, popo, Geecko, Riviera71, ASKidwai, SolidCakeS, Dmans, Dman49, Frostegater, spike_132000, Babkock,Zack, TiPi, Sand3r, TragicTheBlubbering, afrothunder, ardi, Carlosgs, JJS, Coldbird, some1 all dev. of this hb´s and WOLOLO,TN, neurOn, Liquidzigong&VirtuousFlame! I hope i didn´t forgot anyone ..for sure i did sorry if it is you.. maybe tell me
And big thanks to all for your helpful reply or share this information around the world =1,02Gb PsP-ofw-Homebrew-megapack
emulator pack

To search a homebrew by name at this list may try ctrl+f or /talk search tool

To run a signed HomeBrew extract the downloaded HB to your MemoryStick = ms0:/
place the floder with the eboot inside @ ms0:/PSP/GAME/xxHBxx/eboot
/ = new floder
[genesis competion], [game], [app],
ofw (shrunk) = decrypted / signed and compressed
Please do not ask me in privat to sign your brew if the signing tools don´t work!
It is not allowed to copy (use) following list. Only if everything is for free & without registration, also it is not allowed to put commercial ads to the list.

You can upload a homebrew to my webfloder, then i can make it public.

..last update page 69
Signed homebrew torrent file.rar
+ list mediafire downloads.
Get the megapack of shrunk HomeBrews
(78.48 KiB) Downloaded 1883 times
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Post by toBsucht » Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:11 pm

01 adhoc file transfer(0.7) ..<<< click here >>> (shrunk) :)
Download click here X
app to transfer files with wifi/w-lan you have to enable wifi
old version
02 Download / Alex the Allegator 4 Color Edition PSP R1-MK2k signed (shrunk) [game]
03 Download / psp7800-v1.2.0 (shrunk) [Atari-emulator] pspatari-v1.1.3 (2600)
04 Download / Angband 3.0.9 (shrunk) [game]
05 Download / AnyLanguageStudy v3 U2 [app] shrunk viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3536
06 Download / Amoebax port signed (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6507 [game]
07 Download / Action ou verite signed (shrunk) [game]
08 Download / AcordeonPSP1.0 signed (shrunk) [music app]
09 Download / aLoader2-Beta1 aka TN-E Xtended viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4208 tn hen mod for ofw 6.20 and 6.39
10 Download / afkim-v3.2.1 signed (shrunk) wifi chat [app]
11 Download / AcademicAid3 signed (shrunk) [app] nice calculator .. check it out ;)
12 Download / 15Puzzle signed (shrunk).rar [game]
13 Download / Abes Amazing Adventure v1.0 (Psp) signed (shrunk).rar [game]
14 Download / AntiTetris signed (shrunk).rar [game]
15 Download / AlphaSS signed (shrunk).rar luaplayerplus "port" of space shooter [game]
16 Download / ALEX Kidd Arcarde ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
17 Download / abuse 0.8 PsP ofw ready to run.rar [GAME] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3455
18 Download / 5.03 kxploit.rar (signed chickHen r.7) you know hen only for 5.03 fw
19 Download / AbstractOS vAlpha0.1 signed (shrunk).rar [app] spanish shell source
20 Download / Aquabreak;er source [game]
21 Download / Aces Notepad signed (shrunk).rar [app] luaplayer-6
21 Download / Alchemy Part One signed (shrunk).rar pge lua
22 Download / Amazing Hitler Mario signed (shrunk).rar game a mod of symbion
23 Download / alpha_team_six signed (shrunk).rar [Kurok-mod] game
01 Download / battel grounds 3D signed (shrunk) 3.0.4 (tank-shooter) [game]
02 Download / BINIAX 2 PSP v1 signed (shrunk) use the EXIT option from game menu [game]
03 Download / Bob in The Ice Age 2 signed (shrunk)[game]
04 Download / Bubble [game] signed (shrunk) old
05 Download / Bumper Harvest 1.1 shrunk[game] pegglemod
06 Download / Beatbox 1.5 signed viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4199 music app
07 Download / BermudaCS9CF signed (shrunk) grafic app
08 Download / BrainBoxer signed (shrunk) v1.0 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6189 [game]
09 Download / BasiliskII-PSP-1.1.1 signed (shrunk) [app/emulator] old
10 Download / Ballon Invasion signed (shrunk) german war [game]
11 Download / Bookr V8.1 HBS pdf reader Bookr 0.7.1 english mod sd6719 rev.043 / Bookr 0.7.1 SIGN russian
12 Download / BattINF v1.4 - Battery Info viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6487
13 Download / Beware of the Square (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6553 [game]
14 Download / BeastieBox [v1.0]signed (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6534 [Dj-player]
15 Download / *** 1.2 Signed [game]
16 Download / BlowUp! signed (shrunk).rar nice robo tank [game] 2d/3d
17 Download / BermudaSyndrome PSP signed (shrunk).rar [game]
18 Download / Block Dude signed.rar not shrunk [game]
19 Download / BattleShip signed (shrunk).rar (python) [game]
20 Download / Blox. v0.9 ofw.rar [game]
21 Download / BattleShip Zero v1 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
23 Download / Boombastic (v0.2) ofw.rar nice tank game (shrunk)
24 Download / Beaverz v0.2 ofw.rar kind of pinball (shrunk) [game]
25 Download / (ofw)
26 Download / ButtonHack signed (note: for me it´s not working ) viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12367
27 Download / Blackballs BETA 0.262 ofw ver. soon viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12369 [game]
28 Download / BOXHEAD v1 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
01 Download / CanyonBomberPortable v1.0 [game]
02 Download / Chess Clock 1.1-MK2k signed (shrunk) [app 4 chess]
03 Download / chicken invaders 1.4 beta(1.3) or (1.4 rev.1) [game]
04 Download / CSPSP 0.9 (shrunk) counterstrike 3d [game] or CSPortbale0.8B2 (shrunk)
05 Download / CSPSP 1.92 or 1.56 signed (shrunk) CSPSP0.7 counterstrike 2d
06 CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA-v1.5 r2 (shrunk)
Download click here X
app to download files with torrents updated 4/2011 source [file-share-app]
to download the homebrews you need more than 1gb free space [app]
07 Download / CubicZombies (shrunk) [game]
08 Download / castle medieval1.1(shrunk) [game]
09 Download / CubeMania v1.4 (shrunk) ;) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3320 [game]
10 Download / conect (forza4 v2.0) (shrunk) classic [game] (4 gewinnt)
11 Download / CPhysicsDemo (shrunk) [demo in b/w if u like it try chipmunk]
12 Download / Claw Explorer viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5904
13 Download / CGP 1.1 signed (shrunk) [game] crazy gravity
14 Download / Company viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6366 card [game]
15 Download / CanadianRoswell v1 final [game]
16 Download / cdogsPSP v0.1.3.80 bin (shrunk) source [game]
17 Download / Cave Story [game]
18 Download / Champyonshipp Kaiten Patissier 1.00 PSP R1-MK2k signed (shrunk) [game]
19 Crazy eyes v1.1 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8766 [app]
20 Download / CarroPX 1.2 ofw (shrunk) car race in tetris style
21 Download / Calcula PSP V1.7 V1 calculator app source
23 Download / CrazyPush ofw (shrunk).rar more [game]
24 Download / Code Name Sigma viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12519 (faked demo) nice jump&run [game]
25 Download / Colditz Escape! 0.9.4 Psp signed (shrunk).rar source [game]
26 Download / Cubynergy ofw.rar [game]
01 Download / d.d.a.d. (don´t drink and drive) [game]
02 DaedalusX64 R1909 signed (shrunk)
03 Download / dsp [game] Defensive Station Portable v2 (shrunk)
04 Download / digger [game] (shrunk) source
05 DosBox
Download / DosBox mod by shadowsneaker191 signed (shrunk).rar [app]
This version of DosBox is specifically designed for running windows 3.1, 95 and 98 on your PSP.
how to:
• Put the DOSbox folder under GAME folder on your PSP.
• Put the IMG files into the program folder DOSbox on your MS.
• To run Windows press Start.
• Hold Left directional key down and press X. This puts the keyboard into numbers mode.
• Then press Square then press square again to select 1. This shows Boot Menu.

Square then square = (1) Boot Windows 3.1 // Square then triangle = (2) Boot Windows 95ImageDosboxEasyNavigator ofw (shrunk).rar / old
06 Download / dragons of draganoth [game]
07 Download / DukeNukem 3D (shoot em up) [game]copy duke3d.gpr to ms0:\PSP\Game\Duke3D screen without this file.
08 Download / dsonpsp unnoficial 01 / nds emulator+samples (shrunk)
09 Download / Doodle Jump final [game] ver.:1.3, source DoodleJump v3.0 russian (3d+special)
10 Download / 3D Roll 2.3D (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5655 [game]
11 Download / up to 6.60 ofw Downgrader by Some1 littel brick risk
12 Download / Desert Stunts (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6625 [game]
13 Download / DORAKZ v1.5H viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7172 update version [app]
14 Download / drowned 1.1.0 (shrunk) [game]
15 Download / DrunkenPSP v1 signed (shrunk) [game]
16 Download / DTMB v13 signed (shrunk) kind of 3dpong (football) Don´t Touch My Ball [game]
17 Download / Delta Force signed (shrunk) [game]
18 Download / dsmb010 signed (shrunk) dark super mario bros [game]
19 Download / Demo LightWay PSP signed (shrunk) [game]
20 Download / DosboxEasyNavigator ofw (shrunk)
21 Download / Doom PSP V.2.01 ofw (shrunk) [game]
22 Download / DiferenciaSP-3D ofw (shrunk) 2d or 3d [game] with glasses source
23 Download / DGen 1.70 Lite RX.rar sega emulator @ source:
24 Download / DhammapadaPSP 1.0.0 ofw.rar buddismus book
25 Download / Dow!0.2 signed (shrunk) app to build lua homebrews
and this new update DOW-X Mod v0.4 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=34696
26 Download / DA (Diamondsion Assault) viewtopic.php?f=2&t=35092 game
01 Download / Eb0x v1.0 signed (shrunk) extract eboot with psp
02 Download / ExultPSP signed.rar ( ultima 7 port for psp ) [game]
03 Download / ElmerRun signed (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8962 [game]
04 Download / Easy 6.xx Installer v1.0 signed (shrunk) app hen installer viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9724
05 Download / EJMDDM 1.0 ofw (shrunk) [game]
06 Download / Epic Sathe v04 [game] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10148
01 Download / fceu-psp-0.3 [Nes-emulator] (shrunk) [boosted] FCEUltra j 4 FPS
02 Download / fillets ngp.0.9.2 ~120mb fish fillets psp signed-1.0.1-Full (eboot not shrunk) [game]
03 Download / FastFoodDeluxe signed [game] Multi-lang. eng, french, german
04 Download / FBA4PSP-CAVE-Signed-26710319 emulator for CAVE games and some related
05 Download / FireBroke signed (shrunk) [game]
06 Download / Furikup 0.12 (shrunk) [app] use psp as a wifi phone
07 Download / FanFiction.Net Browser (shrunk) [APP] update 1 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6153
08 Download / faintReduxRevC signed (shrunk).rar [game]
09 Download / FRONTIER 1337 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
10 Download / files luna signed (shrunk).rar [app] shell doesn´t work well with ofw
11 Download / Flyer Mars Demo beta r7 ofw (shrunk).rar source [game]
12 Download / FWP v3 ofw (shrunk).rar / Fantasy war portable final (up3) source [game]
13 Download / Flat Paintball v1.0 signed (shrunk).rar
14 Download / Fuzzys World Space Golf 1.0 ofw.rar (demo)
15 Download / Fruit Ninja 1.31 signed (shrunk).rar [GAME] source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10990
16 Download / FISHELL R3 ENGLISH signed (shrunk).rar app viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10565
17 Download / freeze viewer app
18 Download / FrechToTUga.rar translsate app
19 Download / flappydoge1.2 signed (shrunk).zip game source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=38243
20 Download / flappybird
21 Download / flappy bird psp 1.1 signed (shrunk).zip source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=37902
22 Download / freeboxRemote_v1.0 signed (shrunk).zip
01 Download / gems -bejeweled clone [game] (emulator) (shrunk)
02 Download / Get iT v.1 [download app] source: 4 digital comics/SM
03 Download / gnar-pong2 packrt24 [game]
04 Download / GodsDefense [game]
05 gpSP 0.9 or gpSP-J-110402 gba-emulator
Download click here X
gpsp fix3 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12367
Nintendo GBA emulator [emu] Signed by Skutarth you need the 16kb gba_bios.bin file and a rom file to play a game (not inside the download, you have to put it into gba emulator floder, it´s not leagal to share a gba bios or rom)
gpSP-J-110402 signed gba.bios file 16kb isn´t inside the download, you have to put it into gba emulator floder
06 Download / GuitarTuner [music-app]
07 Download / gSquare 1.0a-fix shrunk viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6628 [game]
08 Download / GDP 0.2 (shrunk) nice [game] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6168 or
10 Download / Geometry Wars (Retro Evolved PSP) signed (shrunk) [game]
11 Download / GameZDecryptZ signed (shrunk) [app]
12 Download / GannatsuPortablePSP 1.04 r1-mk2k ofw.rar jump & run [game]
13 Download / Gateway Alpha 0.1.1 ofw (shrunk) aka psp portal.rar [game]
14 Download / gnurobbo 0.66 psp ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
15 Google TwoFactor Authenticator on PSP app viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10277
16 Download / (signed) math app source
17 Download / Guess My Number source
18 Download / G-hb-D 1.06.rar Gabriele homebrew Downloader
01 Download / HardHat's Battle Arena [game] lego-style
02 Download / Hellcat's Pandora Installer Revision 4B [app] signed (shrunk) :!: powerful tool i didn´t test it in10sive :?
03 Download / Half-Life PSP signed (shrunk) 4 psp slim (shoot em up ) [game] or other psp note: you can cheat to pass doors.
If you have problem with mp3 file, then go to ms0:\psp\game\hl\ make folder MP3, then put there a mp3 file
04 Download / Solitude (Halo-mod based on kur0k engine shoot em up) [game]
05 Download / hombrew sorter 1.2.0 [app]
06 Download / homebrewsorter GUI beta4 suloku mod [app]
07 Download / Hu-Go PC [Engine Emulator]
08 Download / HomebrewStore2.5 [app] sorry it´s down alternative try x
09 Download / Half-Byte Loader hbl for ofw 5.03 - 6.60 to run more homebrews (unsigned) or use kernel-hen
10 Download / Hanging-1.2 signed (shrunk).rar spanish [game]
11 Download / hex-a-hop slim (shrunk).rar(idk how to exit) [game]
12 Download / hamtaroholidays v2 signed (shrunk).rar "tamagotchi" virtual pet [game]
13 Download / Heartlight Deluxe PSP 1.0-MK2k signed (shrunk).rar nice [game]
14 Download / Hokuto no Doom hnd psp3xx signed (shrunk).rar a doom mod [game]
15 Download / HaloV18 MODCFPlusEn (signed) (should work on pro server)
16 Download / Hear !t signed (shrunk).rar game
01 Download / IDKWTFTPIC_r2 [game] I Don´t Know What The F..
02 Download / island wars 1.0 [game] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3901
03 isotool 1.978 ofw
Download click here X1978 note upper versions don´t work with ofw ..latest ver. 1.981 cfw -hen
App to dump umd and more but some options doesn´t work with ofw
1975 source:
04 Download / iDrum for PSP v2.0 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3751
05 Download / IMPGame signed (shrunk).rar (python) [game]
06 Download / I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air ofw.rar more stories @
01 Download / Jazz JackRabbit PSP v0.02 (Alpha) [game]
02 Download / JellyCar 1.1 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
03 Download / Jump´n´Bump PSP 1.51b-MK2k signed (shrunk).rar [game]
04 Download / Jumping Rectangle ofw.rar 26 MB jump&run [game] with level editor.
05 Download / Jumps [Reach The Top] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9289
01 Kurok v.0.4
Download click here X
[game] shoot em up shrunk
02 Download / Kobo Deluxe port 0.5.1 shrunk viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6573 [game]
03 Download / Kosmodrones (shrunk).rar [game] space race 2d nice grafic
04 Download / Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2-MK2k signed (shrunk).rar [game]
05 Download / kene-Touhou-mohofu a asian shooting game 231 kene source [game]
06 Download / KOPITETRIS v0.46 signed (shrunk).rar do you got 0.5x? Please give us a download link
01 Download / Light Cycle 3D v3.01 signed (shrunk) [game] neon race
02 Download / Lord Runner v1.02 signed (shrunk) [game]
03 Download / Learn Japanese v0.9 signed [app]
04 Download / Lightning0.54 :arrow: 1.02 @ viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5911 [game]
05 Download / LameCraft ((shrunk) [game] source more dl
06 Download / links 2.1pre23 psp r1261 stand alone signed (shrunk) [browser-app] fakes the use of an iphone
07 Download / Lethal-Shot -1.0 signed (shrunk) [game]
08 Download / LPP142 signed (shrunk).rar luaplayerplus
09 Download / LoteriaMX ofw (shrunk).rarmexican lotterie source [game]
10 Download / Laserix 3 LP 1 + 2 & 3 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
Download / great game updated 7.2013 with 10 new maps and server (no unsigned ver.)
11 Download / LUrpg signed (shrunk).rar update @ viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30821
12 Download / Life v1 signed (shrunk).rar french quiz
01 Masterboy 2.02 (emulator-Game Boy/Color, Master System - Game Gear)
02 Download / map this-gps [app]
03 Download / MercRoid v0.3.5 ofw (shrunk) [game]
04 Download / Metal Blob Solid [game] aka blob wars v1.04 (shrunk)
05 Download / Mario Bros [game] Nintendo-classic
06 Download / Mario toy pjeff ofw (shrunk) [game] dl-fixed
07 Download / Mario Road v1.0 [game]
08 Download / mobileassault 1.8.1 psp signed (shrunk).rar [game]
09 Download / MultiDice [app]
10 Multitasking v3.01
Download english and spanish version
[app] it take some time to load english or spanish /multi app text, picture, etc. mod for digital comics
12 Download / MindCraft [game] (remake of Minecraft) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4481
12 Download / MARI0 Kart PSP V4.9 game fake or grafic mod of >x<
13 Download / Mobile Skat 0.3 play Skat on your PSP [game] update soon viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5085
14 Download / Minesweeper 93 /beta94 @ [/url]viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5113 or [game]
15 Download / mole (wack a mole) [game]
16 Download / Micro Zig-Zag Racer vBeta 0.95 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6406 [game]
17 Download / Mind Reader viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6363 [game]
18 Download / MagigBowl v0.1.1 Beta homebrew iso faked into demo.rar [game]
19 Download / mahjong v.1.0.1 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
20 Download / metal-gear-final ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
21 Download / moonshell v0.1 Beta 20111028.rar app
22 Download / Mario boat trip viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10421
23 Download / Mega Drops 2 signed (shrunk).rar [game] source
24 Download / memorystick file transfer psp v1 [app] source IT´s a mod of :arrow:
25 Download / MStoMS 1.1shrunk source app copy from ms2ms
26 Download / Mario Gold Rush signed (shrunk).rar [game]
27 Download / Metroid Escape Mission v2.0 German Edit signed (shrunk).rar [game]
28 Download / MUX 2.1 signed (shrunk).rar app to manage ofw updates
29 Download / Memorama Games signed [game] source
30 Download / muster (mustergenerator) signed shrunk.rar
31 Download / MediaCenter signed (shrunk).rar
32 Download / MAD-TV_Tim2001 signed (shrunk).zip game
01 Download / netfront internet browser 4 wifi doesn´t work with ofw N.I.B v4 [app] (shrunk) highmemory mod+protected browser
02 Download / NesterJ v1.13 [emulator] NES
03 Download / Newton powered neoflash [game]
04 Download / NZP BETA REFLUX EDITION [game]
05 Download / nazi zombis portabel alpha 1.2 > nzpPSP 1.1-5-29-11 source nzp beta1 (shrunk) nzp beta1 shrunk psp2000 [game]
06 Download / NMS 2 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6465 [APP] fake an error
07 Download / nicky2 signed (shrunk)_wonderboy remake better grafic [game]
08 Download / nicky boum signed (shrunk).rar [game]
09 Download / Net Configure Manager app backup and restore your netconfig file in the flash store ;)
10 Download / nikwi deluxe psp signed (shrunk).rar [game]
11 Download / Nyancat mod by IgorGorev.rar [game]
12 Download / NPD signed (shrunk).rar app to decrypt psn downloaded games idk how well it´s working maybe you?
13 Download / NesterJ 1.12 RX.rar NES emulator
14 Download / NEW PSP Ident.rar by fede94boss app
15 Download / NinjaSudoku v0.1 signed (shrunk).rar [game] more: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10725
16 Download / newtonwar ofw nice [game] source
17 Download / Nibbler 1.0 signed.ZIP viewtopic.php?f=2&t=38694 game by Insoft
18 Download Nifty Lifty viewtopic.php?f=2&t=36752 game
01 Download / onemanga beta 1.0 [online manga reader]
02 Download / OpenTyrian v1.0 [space-shooter] [game]
04 Download / O.T.T.F v2 [game] (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7276
05 Download / OneMangaPSP [game] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8459
06 Download / One Piece Smoker RUN!.zip *Beta 2 [game]
07 Download / OpenBricks v1.0 signed (shrunk) nice tetris game but better use cfw source
08 Download / game viewtopic.php?f=2&t=36937
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Post by toBsucht » Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:33 pm

01 Download / PRO-C Custom Firmware Pro cfw / kernel hen for ofw 6.20-6.60 viewtopic.php?f=17&t=41249
02 Download / pacuman [game] pacman´s - level 1
03 Download / pgelua [app]
04 Download / PSPVLC [music video player] play wma file
05 Download / Polygun Wars 0.65 shrunk [game] cfw-hen v2.1.rar
06 Download / PSCRYPTERv2 sign EBOOT only 4MB eboot support shrunk but not smaller as unsigned / use now Psp-extra-tool
07 Download / psp7800-v1.2.0 [Atari-emulator] shrunk
08 Download / PSPBEEB v1.1.0 signed (shrunk).rar [app] bbc micro emulator
09 Download / PSPBillards [game]
10 Download / psp Boxing SouthPark (shrunk)[game]
11 Download / pspcap32 v1.5.1 signed (shrunk).rar [emulator]
12 Download / pspcomic v1.0.1 (shrunk) [app] pspcomic v1.0 100megapack [app] for cbr files (rar/zip) Digital Comic Icon mod by Zett
13 Download / psppda-v1.3.2 signed (shrunk) [app/text, music,..]
14 PSPdisp_v0.6 signed (shrunk)
Download + pspdisp0.6 installer
Image app to stream the a windows from pc to PsP; with wifi or usb (remote controll) Download / [app] old ver. 0.51 (u have to use both)
15 Download / PSPGchess v1.0.3 fw3x gnu-chess [game] don´t use the HOME button to exit
16 Download / pspggo
17 Download / PSPinstaller 10 [app] homebrew download source
18 Download / pspjornal [app] doesn´t work well with ofw :)
19 Download / psplegacy r4 (shrunk) without wad-file PSPLegacyThirdRelease
20 Download / psplay 1.0 [app] (shrunk) drum computer
21 Download / PSPLife [game] dl-fixed
22 Download / PSPlorer [app] 1.ofw file manger; flash-support-wifi-file-transfer
23 Download / PSP Magic v1.0.1 signed (shrunk) [app]
24 Download / PSPMancala v1.1.0 [game]
25 Download / PSPmaps 2.2 (shrunk)[app] source
26 Download / pspmsx-v1.4.1-fw5x [emulator]
27 Download / pspparticle player [mp3-player]
28 Download / psp pong [game] this one is with score
29 Download / PsP Solitair Spider 1.04 signed (shrunk) (solitär) [game]
30 Download / PSP-SpreadSheet-v2 eng. signed (shrunk)spanish [app]
31 Download / PSPXTI v1.3.0 [app] calculator
32 Download / puckman [game] a pacman mod
33 Download / python /a demo for ofw please look 2 python collection
34 Download / psp-ftpd-v0.5.0-fw4x [app] psp-ftp-server
35 Download / prime alpha1 [game]
36 Download / PSPcopter 1.61 (shrunk) [game]
37 Download / PSPSnakePET [game]
38 Download / Powder Toy [game] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3358
39 pspkvm 0.55
Download / pspkvm 055 (shrunk) [app] java emulator jar-format
pspkvm-bin-0.5.5-french-cfw-allinone-minimal signed (shrunk) or
jar files >>>
KD_Player_240x320_EN (jar)
Opera Browser 4.2 (jar)
40 Download / pspwrite-v1.2.1_signed text app
41 Download / PSPMoney signed money change app
42 Download / Panic Paradyz signed Good game but take 2-3min. to load (race
43 Download / pspslx2_nopics signed (shrunk) german psp lexikon
44 Download / PicoDrive psp 1.51 signed (shrunk).rar [sega emulator]
45 Download / PSPDictionary_v3.1.0 (shrunk) [app] translate websites
46 Download / PopBlocksv1.0.1 (shrunk) [game]
47 Download / PSPWeb!Cam V0.1 (shrunk, not smaller as the org.) [app] use pscam as a webcam
48 Download / PSPIRC signed (shrunk) [app] irc - chat
49 Download / PSPsych viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5929 [game] thx Yosh for signing and make it work signed
50 Download / PSP Easy Wireless Controller v1.1 signed (shrunk) [app]
51 Download / PSPEvasion 4 (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6051
52 Download / pspkzip signed (shrunk) Dr. Durr DosBox mod (zip extractor)
53 Download / PSPictogridBeta3 [game]
54 Download / Pipeline v0.3 signed (shrunk) [game]
55 Download / pspssh-v1.2.0-fw5x signed (shrunk) [app]
56 Download / Platform Portable v0.1 [game] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6415
57 Download / PSPScramble 0.5 signed or 1.0 @ viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6528
58 Download / PSP Radio v1.18.1400 (shrunk) doesn´t work well with ofw ( web radio)
59 Download / PSP FTW! 2D viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6642 [game]
60 Download / PSP Battery Timer (nyan flavor!) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6454 [App]
61 Download / Puzzle Square viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6472 [game]
62 Download / p0rtal 2d: maker viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6569 [game]
63 Download / Lost in space : Asteroid mission B4 eng (aka polyguns wars 0.65 euphoria) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6602 [game] (shrunk)
64 Download / PSPCleaner v1.5 signed (shrunk) [app] spanish memorystick cleaner becareful or you maybe delete "importend" files
65 Download / PSPMarble [game] similar to 3D-Roll
66 Download / pspdod 0.7 [game]
67 Download / pspokemon v0.16 patched for ofw6.35 and up (faked iso) [game]
68 Download / pspve-v1.0.2 signed (shrunk) Vectrex [emulator]
69 Download / Pmf Viewer 0.1 [app] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7426
70 Download / PSPShuffle Puck homebrew iso faked into demo [game]
71 Download / PIMPSTREAMER beta 1.02 signed (shrunk) [app]
72 Download / Palisade Guardian signed (shrunk) [game]
73 Download / pspdragon-v1.0.3-fw3x signed (shrunk).rar emulator included 2 games
74 Download / PMCr2 signed (shrunk).rar PSP Music Center (pmc R1)
75 Download / PortableBubble signed (shrunk) [game]
76 Download / PROKILL v1 signed (shrunk) or fake brick source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8588
77 Download / PSP PassFinder v1 signed (shrunk).rar [app]
78 Download / PSPDOXMANAGER 1.2 signed (shrunk) eng,ita,fr.rar [app] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8864 4SenseMe/d c
79 Download / PSP Mix Sound v2 signed (shrunk).rar 2decks [mp3 player]
80 Download / PSP module checker 1.0 (test01) ident your psp [app] ver.:3.5
81 Download / PSP Boost v2.1 signed (shrunk).rar
82 Download / PSPoste Beta7 FW4x signed (shrunk).rar email client
83 Download / PaintPSPVPRO signed (shrunk).rar [app]
84 Download / psp wol v2.1 ofw.rar [app] wake on lan
85 Download / PSP EXTRA TOOL v1.00 eng [app] best tool to sign (compress) homebrews for ofw (eboot support up to 8mb) source
86 Download / PSP Reader v1 ofw (shrunk).rar text reader with simple zoom in and out .. cann´t find the english ver.
87 Download / PSP Heretic 2.01 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
88 Download / psp flashcard 0.5 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
89 Download / PSP Mario - The New Worlds v0.02 Minor bug fix signed (shrunk) game]
90 Download / PsP MARIO FUSION v2 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
91 Download / PSPolice 1.0.rar not shrunk (cleaner app) maybe for PSPgo you have to get another ver. or try pspcleaner
92 Download / pspx48-v1.1.0 signed (shunk).rar calculator // texas instruments emulator
93 Download / Psp Windows 8 ofw.rar (rus)
94 Download / Pilota 1.2 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
95 Download / PSPFSD ofw.rar download app. For me it don´tt run with 6.20tn-e but with pro-hen & ofw. I cann´t download a file, you? Try> Get it
96 Download / PSPlaylister v2 (ofw).rar create a m3u playlist which can be used with 6.xx fw PSPs
97 Download / pspvnc-v1.2.8 ofw.rar app
98 Download / PROHotspotSelector ofw.rar source
99 Download / PSPokemon Grey signed (shrunk) [game] in german! more viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11246
100 Download / psptools alpha01 signed (shrunk).rar app viewtopic.php?f=20&t=11627
101 Download / Python Collection + portable bubble signed.rar source app
102 Download / pspflight v1 ofw.rar demo
103 Download / PSPMania v4.rar [game] aka PSP Revolution or stepmania
104 Download / PSHSv1.0 signed (shrunk).rar Project Smyrna Homebrew Mağaza / Homebrew Store
105 Download / PSPALARM!3.0ULTRA-2 signed (shrunk).rar
106 Download / pspzx81 v1.2.0 signed (shrunk).rar emulator (+ tetris)
107 Download / PHYN3D v0.4b signed (shrunk).rar car game 3d
108 Download / PSPbuzz!-v4 (signed).rar french (read how to make it work)
109 Download / PSPtag signed (shrunk).rar game
PSP-Strife R1 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=39294 probably works if signed /as all doom mods using Kurok engine
110 Download / asian mahjong
111 Download / pspcolem-v1.3.1 ofw (shrunk).zip emulator
112 Download / PSPDrone0.5 signed (shrunk).zip If you own a drone you can navigate it with your psp. source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=38124
113 Download / PSP-file-sharing-download v1.5 download app signed ("get it" can load files from more hosts)
114 Download / PRO status checker psp full signed (shrunk) app
115 Download / app
Download / PSPFiler 6.6 for PSP Go - app
01 Download / q1a The Quake 3 Arena Mod infrastructure adhoc eboot [game]
02 QMixer 1.2 (shrunk)
Download click here X
Mp3 player with 2 decks and sampler signed (shrunk)
03 Download / QuakeArenaArcade (shoot em up) [game]
04 Download / Quake 1(shoot em up) [game] add shareware or full ver. or it cann´t load wad.file = (ID1/Pak0.pak ; ID1/Pak1.pak)
05 Download / Quiz Man v1 ofw (shrunk).rar source:
06 Download / qwikMove v2 ofw.rar app to "move" files fast source
07 Download / quickbutton signed (shrunk).rar game (trainer) source
01 Download / Ragdoll Cannon v2.11(en) (shrunk) [game] v1.8
02 Download / Random Shooter-Space Shoot [game] if when u lose u click quit game
03 Download / Resonate v0.57 (shrunk) [game]
04 Download / Rise of the Triad v1.01 ROTT v1 01 signed (shrunk) [game]
05 Download / Rubik3.4 shrunk [game] 3D 3.5?!
06 Download / REALLY Annoying level game PSP rev.4 :arrow: 6.1 @ viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3221
07 Download / 3DnRaya alpha2 signed (shrunk) [game] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7370
08 Download / RockStationOfficial signed (shrunk).rar [music app]
09 Download / rRootage [game]
10 Download / Revamped Rev 17 signed [game]
11 Download / REminiscencePSP v0.2.1 signed (shrunk) +flashback data files [game]
12 Download / Release-ReapeR ValleY signed (shrunk).rar[game]
13 Download / Retro Recycle-The Beginning PSP 1.0-MK2k signed (shrunk).rar [game]
14 Download / reverzi ofw (shrunk).rar puzzel [game]
15 Download / rocketJ ofw (shrunk) aka jalo.rar [game]
16 Download / race 2.16 emulator (without bios or rom) from takka
17 Download / RedHoody 2 (Demo alpha 1.0) signed (shrunk).rar [game]
01 Download / sce_webbrowser 0.1 [app] wifi works but "n.i.b." is faster etc.
02 Download / Sleep´n´Wake PSP 1.99b MULTi 8-MK2k signed (shrunk) [mp3-player]
03 SNES9X v0.02y32
Download click here X
Emulator SNES (Super Nintendo Entertain System)
04 Download / soundeffectsv2 [music-app]
05 Download / SonicboomPSP beta [game]
06 Download / squaro [game]
07 Download / Stakker Update2-MK2k (shrunk) [game]
08 sweetpool
Download not available (copyright!)
it is an asian game :o)
09 Download / Save The Sun (space shooter) [game] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4542
20 Download / Square Force capter1 r.40 signed (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5165 [game]
21 Download / soul eater training for meister en (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6095 [game] French version
22 Download / syobon DA 222 111 [game] source
23 Download / Syobon Action - PSP - version R2 [game]
24 Download / syobon DA 133/66 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
25 Download / Se7en 1.61 signed [app] "windows"
26 Download / SerpientePX viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6449 (Esp/Eng) [game]
27 Download / South-Park--s-Heaven-VS-heck signed (shrunk).rar [game]
28 Download / Spacial Warfare signed (shrunk).rar [game]
29 Download / Shuffle signed (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8718
30 Download / Spooky Maze signed (shrunk).rar [game]
31 Download / sdlBasic signed (shrunk).rar bluetooth app & game
32 Download / Snes9x Euphoria R5Beta3 [emulator]
33 Download / app to sign hb with psp better use psp extra tool
34 Download / Space Shooter Rev. V0.01 signed (shrunk) [game] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7703/
35 Download / Super Sudoku v1 ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
36 Download / Silveredge ofw (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6506
37 Download / Sonymon v0.1 signed (shrunk) [game] source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9703
38 Download / Super Methane Bros PSP signed (shrunk).rar [game]
39 Download / simonsays 1.1 signed (shrunk).rar (nice trainer) [game]
40 Download / sopran r1 wip6 signed (shrunk) alternative browser source
41 Download / SQRXZ3 signed (shrunk) [game] source
42 Download / s4inexCraft v1.8 a famous Lamecraft mod [game] source
43 Download / ShootWatchHudson0.02 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
44 Download / SpaceCombatV1 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
45 Download / Simule v3.0 signed (shrunk).rar 59.13MB music app
46 Download / Simple clock including Simple clock font mod. app
47 Download / app
48 Download / soldiers of future beta0.2 signed [game] source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23935
49 Download / SantaPSP signed (shrunk).rar [game]
50 Download / SaveGame Saver signed (shrunk).rar app
51 Download / SudokuZen v2 signed (shrunk).rar game
52 Download / supertux0.1.3.psp.030106 signed (shrunk) nice & well working game SuperTux PSP Edition
53 Something interesting. Smallest Homebrew viewtopic.php?f=6&t=36782 (poc) by Proxima
54 Download / Sock and Awe Berlusca Version signed (shrunk).zip
55 Download / signed (shrunk)
56 Download / Static Homebrew Loader - build by qwikrazor87 to repack it in a eboot if you get a decrypt error by static elf viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1879&start=680#p370980 a brew signed with his loader :arrow:
57 Download / Skullgrog - game
01 Download / Thing Thing 0.92 signed (shrunk).rar (2D-shooter) [game]
02 Download / tome 2.3.5 [game]
03 Download / Transformers (shooter) [game] dl-fixed
04 Download / Tripprog v0.9 [app]
05 Download / Triple Triad PSP v0.3.1a ofw (shrunk) [game]
06 Download / TWHG The world's hardest game 2011 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4594
07 Download / TRICOLOR By TiPi (shrunk)
08 Download / TankePX viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6463 [game]
09 Download / TimeCube the Game! 2.0 (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6641 [game]
10 Download / Test Gaming Skills (shrunk) viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7060 [game]
11 Download / 6.20 TN E Fix D/6.39 TN-A [HEN] fix1
12 Download / TacticalWars v1 [game]
13 Download / TVSP 05 P86 signed (0.4).rar stream tv to psp [app] use pspdisp
14 Download / PSP Live TV v0.5 signed (shrunk) the windows app contain a backdoor!! (BDS/Bifrose.eabk)
15 Download / tonematrix-0.5 signed (shrunk).rar new drum machine by Babkock [app]
16 Download / tweexter v0.1.3 eboot signed (shrunk).rar [game]
17 Download / Turn!t by Preyker ofw (shrunk).rar [game]
18 Download / The last Island signed (shrunk).rar kind of gta (kurok eng. / csp mod) [game]
19 Download / Test #5 signed (shrunk) pge lua 0.02 mario demo level1.rar [game]
20 Download / Tasbih signed (shrunk).rar app to count viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9166
21 Download / tonematrix-0.6 ofw (shrunk).rar 0.72 is released :twisted: drum machine
22 Download / Touhou Daibouken [game] more @ viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12270
23 Download / TerrariaTestRelease02 signed (shrunk) [game]
24 Download / Top Down Racing Beta 0.1 ofw [game] source: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9595
25 Download / Tap Racing signed (shrunk).rar 2-player [game]
01 Download / UsbServer 1.5 signed.rar not well working! viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6635 [app]
02 Download / Ubuntu_denis28 ofw (shrunk).rar (lua v2 shell) not well working
03 Download / ultra ofw.rar another good [game] by
04 Download / uqm-0.6.2-psp rev002 ready to play signed (shrunk) The Ur-Quan Masters / rpg [game]
01 Download / VirtualGlobe0.53 PSP signed (shrunk).rar [app]
02 Download / VkontaktePSP music download [app] viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10278
03 Download / VERSiON.TXT SWiTCHER v.1.1 by Yoti (ofw or cfw).rar more
04 Download / VisMP3 v0.1.2 signed (shrunk).rar source
05 Download VNPSP novel engine port viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44702
01 Wagic / WTH
Download 0.19 shrunk
Wololo´s Wagic /GB, D, F, .. forum [game]
02 Download / War and Warriors [game]
03 Download / wificontroller 0.4.4 [app]
04 Download / Wolfenstein 3D V6.0 ofw (shrunk) [game] shareware
05 Download / WinnieThePoohV1 signed (shrunk).rar [game]
06 Download / WormWarriorPSP v0.9.rar [game]
01 Download / xradez 3d chess signed (shrunk) [game]
02 Download / xReader 130 sulokuMOD signed (shrunk) asian org. [text reader]
03 Download / Xtris 1.01 [game]
04 Download / X-pired 1.22 PSP R1-MK2k signed (shrunk).rar [game]
05 Download / xMangaPSP v0.1a3 ofw (shrunk).rar
Download / XMB app to move floder/files. I cann´t find the unsigned ver. # not working no matter if ofw or cfw sorry
04 Download / Xonergy signed (shrunk).rar game
01 Download / YamaIRC signed (shrunk) chat [app]
01 Download / ZombieDesert 1.04 (shrunk) 2d shooter [game] 1.00
02 Download / ZCrisis V1 slim signed (shrunk) [game] (shoot em up)
03 Download / Zelta Twit R1.3GC "based on twitumPSP idea" [app]
Twitter for PSP browse with your psp to by twitumPSP

..last update page 69
more information click here <<<x>>>
If you are on ofw ( OfficialFirmWare up to 6.60) you can use all this homebrews without HEN or with ;)
Signed and shrunk homebrews are smaller as the unsigned version.
You can download close to all files (without registration & 4 free) @ or
app emulator
game music
prs file
Sorry filesonic and megaupload doesn´t work anymore.
[quote]You can create a free account, to give me a extra free gb online storage use referral link if you create a dropbox floder Thank you![/quote]
list backup[/size]

.. Signed homebrews are not working with hbl
All Psp can run hen or cfw. Maybe you can use Pandara or some1´s downgrader
i use for testing a PsP brite (3000) ofw6.20
Some homebrews only work 100% with a memorystick (not the intern) and some have a special if you use a fat or other psp model (tools) i hope you can run them all!
facebook Image
more than 200 pictures in X-album. tip: if you are not logged in press ESC to pass the popup screen
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HomeBrews working with Psp 6.xx fw viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2624
ofw (shrunk) HomeBrews viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1879

All Psp homebrews at

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Re: signed HomeBrews pls upload them here

Post by logical » Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:57 pm

tried to sign cave story it runs but return to xmb with error(((
maybe i'm doing something wrong:
extract pbp
drag&drop eboot.pbp in prxencrypter.exe > data.psp ~5mb
built new eboot.pbp with this data.psp and param.sfo
tried to run> fail(exit with error)
psp 2k 2G 5.00m33-6 broken screen
psp3k 4G 6.39-TN, PRO, ME
=Thanks to HBL and all devs!=
ipod touch4G 8gb iOs6.1

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Re: signed HomeBrews pls upload them here

Post by Ortega » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:16 pm

Signed: DOOM, Heretic
Tested on PSP 3008, OFW 6.20
Download archive here:

to mods: Sticky?

EDIT1: Replaced with shareware versions
EDIT2: in Heretic shareware version title screen gets messed - press select to get to menu
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PSP 3008 6.20 TN HEN-B

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Re: signed HomeBrews pls upload them here

Post by JJS » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:24 pm

logical wrote:drag&drop eboot.pbp in prxencrypter.exe > data.psp ~5mb
Those instructions are wrong. The whole point of unpacking the eboot.pbp is to get the file "data.psp" inside. You have to encrypt that file.

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Post by toBsucht » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:46 pm

How to sign homebrews (eboot)
or Psp extra tool
sign / shrunk eboot for ofw click here<<<x>>>
And Libre updated encrypter with HBL packing support
failbit wrote:.. I searched a bit on the www and I found a link to the tool I use to sign homebrews.
So here is the link to the topic. ... U-v1.0.0.2
here is also an english version:
Just drop a eboot.pbp into the app window and click encrypt

EasyPBPRX_1.0.0.3 english

Some alternative homebrew lists ..they got a lot ;) ... ns?p=77488
or use psp extra tool to sign eboot with psp. To start i suggest to download a known working homebrew and sign it ;)
Note 1-a lot of homebrew do not work an will give you error 80020148
Note 2-if it got past gameboot, you know it worked!
tips how to complie a homebrew to make it work if it is signed
you must compile app with make with added line:

yosh wrote:
add this line to your makefile :
(ofw works from 5.03-6.xx)
failbit wrote:
You could add this line to your main.c under the PSP_MODULE_INFO:
maybe for you also works PSP_HEAP_SIZE_MAX but for me it doesn't
screenshot isn´t working on ofw most times you get a freze if you try to use it
not in the list (prs-files) click here -->>X<<--
some stuff that run with psp browser or radioplayer without signing or hen.
Download Downloader prs
Download 4 prs files to open downloader websites
TiPiViewer v2.0
Download SHOUTCAST radioplayer.prs
Download pspWxp102(browser app pspVista 4 all psp ofw)
Download windows7phone portal
Download Se7en.1.6 Se7en.1.6 windows7 for psp password: seven
Download Se7en1.61 (prs)
Download verminecarbon1-0 / french multi app (twitter, ebay, etc)
Download YourPSP (prs)
Download alexking offline-browser-app (german) edit to start from radioplayer
Download xp Encore 4b edit to start from radioplayer
Download todo prs browser app edit to start from radioplayer
Download pspWxp102 (vista) edit to start from radioplayer

Download FreeRadio 1.8 edit 2011 drum&bass
PSPWavePortalV1Eng (updated prs).rar
AccesPSP 2 (updated prs).rar
PSP Portal 117 Version 4.0 (updated prs).rar ~50mb windows

facebook prs
a few homebrews that doesn´t work with ofw
Also it is possibel to sign lightmp3 or ppa/pmp but they freeze. I´m sure if someone find/edit a version of them that play files a lot of people are happy!
And check this:
fake np / iso2eboot
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2462&p=27774#p27581 Wagic iso
Fake_NP: put your homebrew into NPdemo up to 6.39 viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2236
fake np for 6.60 viewtopic.php?f=29&t=10197
(make your psp-game-backup to a "demo" that can be played with ofw 6.20 and up)
Mega homebrew pack, emulator pack, cfw-hb-pack :D more than 111 ofw homebrews:
All genesis competition entries for ofw, the old "Wololos Handcock pack" and a lot new & shrunk brews

My top 10 :arrow: :roll: ..
Download / aka TN-E Xtended viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4208&start=0 tn hen mod for ofw 6.20 and 6.39 (iso and homebrew-loader)
PRO-B10 get c2mod
Download / (iso and homebrew-loader) Custom Firmware signed hen for ofw 6.20-6.60 viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5152
Claw Explorer
Multitasking v301
Download english and spanish version
[app] it take some time to load english or spanish /multi app text, picture, etc. more info @ down?! ... 905-222156
Download / [app] flash-support wifi & bluetooth file-transfer
you should have a file-app to move files or edit plugin.txt in ofw - mode some other good stuff
Get it v0.1
ofw (shrunk).rar get files from a url (mediafire depositfiles etc.)
Download click here X
app to download files with torrents updated 4/2011 here x Download / ctorrentpsp [file-share-app] Signed homebrew torrent file download
PsP passfinder v1
a app to discover forgotten psp passwords (parental / psn) @
Net Configure Manager
backup and restore your netconfig file from the flash store. Useful to copy your network settings from PSP to PSP
a app to make your psp a littel save
PSPdisp v0.6
Download + pspdisp0.6 installer
Image app to stream pc display to PsP; with wifi or usb no usb with ofw ;) (remote controll, file-transfer, etc.) Download / [app] old ver. 0.51 (u have to use both app at the same time pc and psp use 0.51 to set brightness depper with ofw) Run disp.exe 1st than replace the psp floder
DaedalusX64 755

checkout my facebook site to get more infos /videos or just try my homebrew packs

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

This is a effect of Wololo´s post:
2011/01/18/release wagic for ofw yes signed homebrews are a reality on the psp or .. mathieulh announces he can sign psp homebrews
and all the people which build and update the signing tools

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

i tested a lot homebrews with hen to see if they work unsigned

HomeBrews tested 6.20 (HEN)
How to use board tools
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HomeBrews working with Psp 6.xx fw viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2624
ofw (shrunk) HomeBrews viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1879

All Psp homebrews at

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Re: signed HomeBrews pls upload them here

Post by soulshine » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:57 pm

What I don't get is that when I use the unpacker, Data.psp is already there, so I would just need to extract it somewhere. But on step 2, why do I need to go CMD.exe, and what is this Cd he is talking about - just to extract Data.psp? I tried Bookr, and Cavestory..they both load, but then returns me to XMB. Did I do it correctly, but is it just the homebrew? Also, what is the purpose of the other folder: helloword?

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Re: signed HomeBrews pls upload them here

Post by labsdj » Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:14 pm

i test with Quake 1 Hardware Video trie signed this homebrew game and decrypt eboot and is output data.psp but i make pbp-unpacker to create a new eboot.pbp and trie to run on 6.35 and not run i trie the 2 mini tut i d'ont know ho is wrong make the eboot file signed

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Re: signed HomeBrews pls upload them here

Post by Toonaero » Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:21 pm

can anyone tell me where i can get pack-pbp I googled it and nothing cant seem to find it anywhere :|

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