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#153130 by SIM sk
Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:09 pm
Dragonball Black BETA 0.29.1

About Dragonball Black:
This is a Dragonball clone for the PSP with edited and recolored sprites. This homebrew has its own charakter (which sound alike the original once :)) and even an own story.

Developer/Coder/Spriter/Story Writer:
SIM sk

Special thanks to:
DuLouser, ~Hook~, shaplayer, Blacky94
özkedödödöm, Italia-boy, DarkMuha, Kenan, duLouser, Dodo und SkyDriver11

BETA 0.2
- Menü Schrift verbessert
- Kreis-Absturz-Bug entfernt
- Saibaman infos hinzugefügt

BETA 0.21
- Sprites hinzugefügt

BETA 0.22
- Charakterauswahlmenü bug fixes
- andere bug fixes

BETA 0.23
- Story Mode Menü hinzugefügt

BETA 0.24
- bug fixes

BETA 0.25
- lag-bug gefixt (Danke an ~Hook~, shaplayer und Blacky94)
- Story Mode-Menü hinzugefügt

BETA 0.26
- KI verbessert
- Creditscode erweitert
- Sprites hinzugefügt/verändert
- Story hinzugefügt(Demo)

BETA 0.27
- bug fix
- Beta-Tester zu den Credits hinzugefügt
- erstes Kapitel im story mode hinzugefügt!
- Pause-Menü hinzugefügt!
- spieler geht nicht mehr aus dem Bildschirm (analogstick)
- SK Studios Logo beim starten des Spiels
- Stabilität des Spiels verbessert (Danke an ~Hook~)

BETA 0.28
- bug fixes
- when your ki (energy) decreases more you get slower!
- fixed the newstart-bug (in pause menu)
- improved stability in story mode
- how to play picture in English
- credits in English
- improved fighting engine!
- new character menu!
- improved AI minimal
- fixed a little lag issue
- characters are unlockable in the story! (just a few by now)

BETA 0.29 (release)
- changed name of the game
- bug fixes
- several bug fixes in story mode
- story mode lag fix
- story menu lag fix
- many single player menu fixes
- finished unlock system
- character menu fix (while selecting Player2, red cursor from Player1 stays)

BETA 0.29.1
- bug fixes
- changed the color of the ki-waves
- added Flik to the credits for making a gameplay video
- added diagonal movement


This homebrew is in the first Betas so its not bug free :D
The AI is not good but I decided to release because I have no time on holidays.
You can download this homebrew on my blog


Link to the official release thread on!

please dont be hard with me this is my first HB!
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#153201 by Casavult
Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:48 am
I watched the video, this looks pretty neat! :)
#327333 by Joel16
Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:06 pm
SIM sk wrote:Hey guys,
next release will be on February or maybe even in this month.
I also changed the name of the game :)

stay tuned for more!

woah looks awesome :d

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