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[Release] FISHELL R3 Window environment ENGLISH AVIABLE¡¡

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[Release] FISHELL R3 Window environment ENGLISH AVIABLE¡¡

Post by zerozelta » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:34 am


Now with multi-language support (French, Spanish and Catalan, soon in English ...) [/ b]

SHELL Fishell is an operating system simulator (SIM-OS) for game consoles Play Station Portable that allows applications to run home (Homebrews)

On R3: [/ b]

This review (R3) is a version still in an embryonic stage, ie the project is not yet completed 100% but still in development, R 3 is the 3rd official version released to the public and presents, compared to other versions, notably improved Errors and stability.
For this version was expected to have the viewer / text editor and improvements to all existing applications, but has not been able to finish all this time of launch, but the next R4 assure that these improvements will be a fact their PSP.

Improvements over Fishell R2: [/ b]

  • 75% of the code is now public for users (the other 25% is encrypted for security)
    [+] Added file selector included in some internal functions of the shell (use Explorer-like file).
    [+] New feature MSS (Memory Stick Sender) allows you to send files between PSPs via the Memory Sticks (for now only files).
    [+] Added support multi Idoma pora added now to the French (led 90% of the shell for now)
    [+] Added new installer / updater Fishell Fishell PC (requires java)
    [-] Compatibility plugin categorize a game.
    [-] totally rebuilt the mp3 player (inspired limewire pc) (BETA Stage).

    [+] New System Installation and Upgrade (no longer require 2 packages, you can install or upgrade to one)
    [+] Added auto garbage collection system (released every so often you may get the RAM crashes on psps 1000).
    [+] Possibility to display the complete Fishbar (optional).
    [+] Enabled the option to log output from the menu.
    [+] Added ability to install plugins from the file browser (double click the file. Prx).
    [+] Added option to reset the system recovery menu (reset user accounts and system settings to default in case of having a constant error).
    [+] Added function to create new files from the browser.
    [+] Added configuration panel (basic settings for now)
    [+] Possibility to remove the effect of transparency in the Explorer Bar (speeds up a little shell speed) (optional).
    [+] Enabled the option to install plugins from zpmp with the new file selector (to select a file. Prx and install).
    [+] New option to change the window color to any RGB color (optional).
    [+] Added possibility to enable / disable the use of the joystick.
    [+] Added support for playing sounds in BGM format on the player.
    [+] Added ability to change the color of main button on the toolbar.
    [+] Added ability to change the color of the wave on the desktop.
    [+] Added ability to change the desktop background color (Tint).
    [+] Added visual effect to create or delete a shortcut.
    [+] New form to enable / disable the USB drive by clicking on the mini PC Fishbar.
    [+] Added popup menu in text fields with the basic options (copy, paste and delete) (BETA Stage).
    [+] Added the Fishbar wave effect (optional).
    [+] Built GAMPAD FUSA (@ Andy Man) (such as access from the shell that you have built the application).
    [+] Added app fish-extractor (extractor ZIP and RAR for Fishell).
    [+] Added failsafe feature for multilingual support (Avoid the hang of the PSP and instead returns the text "(unknown)" in the word is not identified).

    [-] Changed interface analog clock gadget.
    [-] Completed the system software update (Updated Fishell any recent version without unconfigure or delete your accounts)
    [-] Improved Autoboot module (support for the game categories plugin and minor bug fixes).
    [-] Changed eboot to version HM9 luaHM (less file size and enhanced features).
    [-] Started work support pads (Step BETA).
    [-] New function to create ranges of selection in the file browser (Hold R and then select the item to add to selection (hold R)) (BETA Stage).
    [-] Fixed some problems starting the umd dumper umd launcher and some cfw.
    [-] Fixed bug when cutting and pasting folders in multiple directories (recursively).
    [-] Modified the form to show the "semaforo_plus" to drag the window to the right.
    [-] Fixes spelling in the language (Spanish).
    [-] Changes to the window manager (is more stable now use).
    [-] Fixed bugs with the names of shortcuts.
    [-] Possibility to activate the recovery menu by pressing L (other than R button).
    [-] Changed the functions of the navigation buttons on the scroll in the file browser.
    [-] Fixed errors in applying funds.
    [-] Fixed bug in Plugin Manager application Zelta Portable (2 times to open the application).

Capturas de Pantalla:









Install of fishell

(Use Google translator):


Downloads Nota, para el instalador se requiere tener el java instalado en la PC

FISHELL INSTALLER R3 (Descarga recomendada):

FISHELL R3 (archivo .rar):

Ofical web page: [url]http:/[/url]


English Script:

for intall only extract this file in the root of your PSP, and configure in the control panel


Web oficial:

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Re: FISHELL r3 [francains] [spanish] [catalan] soon in engli

Post by Casavult » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:51 am

Awww, I was hoping this would of been the English translated version. Nonetheless, awesome work! It is people like you who will keep the PSP living on. :)
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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by naki-the-curious » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:55 am

Looks awesome! looking foward to the english release!
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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by tenshi85 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:38 pm

If you need translation to english/portuguese, send me a pm with the strings and i translate them to you 8-) ... i'm also a catalan speaker

By the way, nice app ;)
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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by nisarg_kolhe » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:02 pm

Seems awesome! Just waiting for the English release! :) BTW What's fishy in here? :lol: I mean whats with the name?
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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by scott12330 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:34 am

nisarg_kolhe wrote:Seems awesome! Just waiting for the English release! :) BTW What's fishy in here? :lol: I mean whats with the name?
the name is fish shell [fish]ell fi[shell]

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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by Someone25 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:18 am

nice app!! downloading :D

maybe add a feature to extract rar files :)
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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by diablos222 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:21 pm

OMG! It looks awesome, cant wait for english version. Release it fast, bro.

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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment [francais] soon in english

Post by zerozelta » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:56 pm

almost the shell version in English, is a matter of weeks or less


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Re: FISHELL r3 Window environment ENGLISH version AVIABLE¡¡

Post by Darkrainbow » Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:56 am

Looks great, I will try this.

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