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#10281 by TOcean
Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:19 pm
Green= Working
Red= Not working.

-The 3rd Birthday <--Download
-Clear XMB white <--Download
-PSP3 <--Download
-PS3 Theme <--Download
-GoldenWitch <--Download
-Organ <--Download
-Large Original Icons Midnight Black <--Download
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#10350 by svenn
Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:39 pm
working, but not correctly, the menu is not located right. (The 3rd Birthday, psp 3004)
#10463 by CoreRaiserNL
Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:26 am
svenn wrote:working, but not correctly, the menu is not located right. (The 3rd Birthday, psp 3004)

thema doesnt have the extra slot thing for comics ;) thats why
#10526 by litetaker
Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:18 am
Can anyone explain to me as to how to make this theme work. I downloaded the "The 3rd Birthday" theme. But in which folder should I put it on the PSP's memory stick?
#10545 by litetaker
Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:44 am
I did what you said, I put the theme at ms0:/PSP/THEME/folder. But it doesn't seem to do anything...
#10547 by Phillyphries
Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:47 am
Make sure you enabled the plugin.
Everything should be working correctly if you put all the contents where they're supposed to go.

3000 -
"ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1"
Go -
"ef0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1"

Updated :D
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#10566 by war breaker
Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:46 am
Ok so i got my psp go running psnlover, works great, added the cxmb patched prx, added some ctf themes, and they are not showing up on the theme options, they ARE in PSP/THEME, and in the vsh list i have ef0:/seplugins/cxmb.prx 2 (also had a 1 but that didnt do anything either) any thoughts? research came up dead

Figured it out, in root of memory, gotta put cxmb in its own folder and route the text in vsh file through that one, so yeah the only one that does work is the 3rd birthday, all it is is a background tho

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