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Official neur0n thread - 23rd may - LME recovery fix

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:47 pm
by moz
First of all: Thanks to neur0n!


I'm proud to present the new download page made by me, my first attempt at making a free website XD

--> <--

I'll keep this Topic updated, so that you'll find all of "neur0n" firmware's, plugins & other things he made. Feel free to ask for help, also report any bugs, and i'll try to help you. (Only if it is a real bug i'll forward it to neur0n) (Forgive me for my english, it is not my native language, I learned it playing Xenogears and Final Fantasy 7)

Little intro:

neur0n is a japanese developer, he made the 6.35 custom, and then the famous ME firmware. He usually update's old useful plugins to work on newers firmwares. He's part of PRO B team, and he also helps developing the Half Byte Loader. and he recently found a ps vita xploit to have VHBL again.

Latest Updates:
LME Recovery fix just for psp go users, on LME 6.60-1.8 or 6.39-9.8 overwrite flash0:/vsh/module/recovery.prx
6.39 ME 9.8 - LME 9.8 bugfix, added recovery menu color
6.60 CFW ME - LME 1.8 Speedup ms bug when sleep mode fixed, added text color option in recovery, improved games compatibility
Analog block.prx (plugin to disable analogic stick inputs, if yours is broken)
Umd_Dump_Simple This is the best plugin to dump games of any kind! it works where other failed!
Useful PSP Topics by Moz:

This is the unofficial downloads page, where you can find all the latest releases:
(Unofficial because i made it. Since popstation's usamimi page is not working anymore.)

Here's the link for neur0n's Twitter account, where you'll find all the latest news. It's in japanese, and google translator isn't that good at translating it.
(neur0n can speak english by the way)

(Please do not spam him with a lot of question, ask things in this thread first. ;) )

Custom Firmwares:

I will always update the links here as soon as i can, by the way the latest releases can be found on the unofficial download page, or if you activate the ''use custom network update'' from recovery menu and then from the psp select to update with internet.

6.39 CFW ME-9.8 Image
This custom firmware is the only recent one fully installed on the flash, just like the old m33 firmwares. It can be used only on psp 1000 (the fat ones) and psp 2000 (slims model). Only the ones that can boot in service mode with a pandora battery. The readme has all the information.
6.39 CFW LME-9.8 Image
This one instead works like PRO B, so it supports even the psp 3000 and not hackable slims, and from ME-9.0 also it support psp go. It works the same as the flash version, but is not fully installed like the other firmware. The readme has all the information. It uses the same kernel exploit of some1 downgrader (The same of 6.39 TN and 6.39 PRO B)
PSP GO users download the fix here: Image
6.60 CFW ME 1.8 Image
Sony changed NID calls some plugins are not working on kernel 6.60, by the way so many plugins got a 6.60 update, and most of the old ones still work... check here on on the plugins section. To install from another firmware version add 6.60 eboot.pbp named 660.pbp to the update folder, and copy it to PSP/GAME or let the installer download it from internet. (If you have a wireless router)
6.60 CFW LME 1.8 Image
Same as LME 6.39 but this is the 6.60 version, with the same few issue of ME 6.60 with some old plugins. It can be installed on any psp since it won't replace any original firmware modules. (I have it on my psp go)
PSP GO users download the fix here: Image
Homebrew Enabler:

6.60 HEN Image
This is an homebrew enabler, it is like a CFW with less features, for example: no plugin support, no recovery menu, no custom ps1 support...but if you use the psp just to play games, and you don't want a complicated custom firmware, then the HEN is your answer! Just launch the eboot. no installation needed

The italian translation of VSH menu, with correct spacing to make it looks good, copy it to seplugins (if you're italian :lol: )
copy paste it to it_vshmenu.txt

Code: Select all

Disco UMD
Memory Stick
Memoria Nascosta
OE isofs
M33 driver
Sony NP9660
ME driver
CPU XMB           
CPU GIOCO          

Neur0n's plugins releases

neur0n updated them to work on newer firmwares, also removed bugs. Sometimes he just coded his own version,
i will also tell who originally made them (if i'm not sure i'll add a ?)

Dayviewer V7 for 6.37ME ...
Customizable plugin to show a lot more info on xmb like battery percent or full date. (newer version of ME and PRO firmwares have NIDresolver updated to work with Total Noob's original prx This version still work on 6.39 CFW but not on 6.60)

Remote Joy Lite 0.19 v2b - for 6.2X and 6.3X ...
Plugin to show psp screen into a PC window and other stuff. (Original made by Tyranid, part of his PSPLink)
PSP 1000 version here --> ...

Psp states v3 - for 6.2X 6.3X ...
Plugin to have 8 savestates slots for psp ram. just like some emulators. works in umd iso and homebrews (Original made by Dark Alex) neur0n made a patchless version too (is a beta) you can find it at the bottom

Audio boost v4c - for 6.20 to 6.60 ...
Plugin to have about 30% more volume out of psp speakers, will uses more battery. (Made by neur0n, porting of torky's plugin)

Joysens - for 6.xx ...
Pluing to make the analogic stick work better, also can fix partly broken sticks. (Original made by Raphael)

Resource hidder - for 6.2X 6.6X ...
This plugin is very useful. it makes the opening of game category SUPER fast by hiding background pictures. (Original made by Zer0ine)

Simply saver - for 6.20 6.60 ...
Plugin to save something downloaded from the psp browser directly where you need it. (Original made by Zer0ine)

CXMB for 3.71 to 6.39
Plugin to use .ctf the custom themes, use patpat's ctf gui v5 to convert them for 6.39. (Original made by Poison)

Game categories lite 'b' for 6.3X ...
Plugin to make the game and iso folder able to load games from subfolders, to makes categories. (Based on Bubbletune orignal version)

Password lock - for 6.39
With this plugin your psp will ask for a code everytime when booting. (Made by neur0n. based on Total Noob xmbctrl)

UMD dump V2 ...
This plugin make iso out of your games (both umd and psn release not ps1) it can dump a not corrupted OPNSSMP.BIN it works where npdecrypt failed. (Original made by takka)

Popsloader patch v3 ...
This patch is needed to let new popsloader work on ME (popsloader is a plugin that let you select different ps1 emulator version from older firmwares to have more custom ps1 converted games support it is useless on psn version of the ps1 games) made by neur0n

Fusa SD For 6.3X ...
With this prx when using TV out not only xmb, but even games will be in fullscreen, no more black borders!
Remember, Fusa SD is an old plugin, and it was not supported by all games back then,
Check fusa sd official site for compatibility list -> (this plugin isn't that tested on 6.xx by the way)
Just plug the cable when ingame already, hold volume up + volume down, set fusaSD priority as high as you can (without having buggy sound)
Also change minimum fps to 60 or 30 and swich to 333mhz (original made by Andy_Man and Oldprisoner)

Psp states V2 beta 2 6.60 supported (patch less version) ...
This is a better version of psp states, it was made back then for 5.00 m33
neur0n ported it on 6.xx kernel and integrated is patch. it's a beta release try it out (original by Dark_Alex)
it is the same as the other psp states by neur0n, but this version use no patch, it is everything integrated. it should work better

AdHoc to USB v2 for 6.XX ...
This plugin is to swap your wifi card with the usb port, so you'll be able to use xlink on a pc without using the computer's wireless adapter for the psp, making you able to go online on a pc that must use wifi card to go online. it is suggested to use USB 2.0 connection. (original made by yuki-mi)

sssss.prx for 6.XX ...
This is a screenshot plugin that can save either in bmp, png & jpg format. if you use jpg version you can also set the compression level
sample .ini is included (original made by yakou)

resource_block.prx for 6.39 - 6.60 ...
With this plugin psp skip to write PIC0.png PIC1.png ICON0.png ICON1.pmf SND0.at3 on SAVEDATA folder
only the actual game's data will be saved. this will make saving time faster, and the savedatas will be way smaller.
no problems when loading them ingame. it works on game and pops too.
included .bat file (without echo now thanks to oam99) to quickly delete all of the images-sounds before installing this plugin. README has every info
(is one of my idea coded by neur0n, thanks neur0n)

Satellite_Game V7 for 6.XX ...
This plugin is an ingame VSH menu, it's useful to change cpu clock when you want, to save battery or stop making a game to lags.
Also it has useful features like activate USB, shutdown - suspend device, reset game and others
Add it to GAME.TXT only! .ini file to edit the button combination included
(another of my idea coded by neur0n, he's amazing)

UsbDevice.prx ...
This plugin is part of all CFW. it is already flash is responsible to the ''mount anything thru usb capability'' of custom psp, with it we can mount memory stick, umd disc, flash 0-1-2-3
This update fixed a bug that happened when dumping some umd games thru usb, they will have different size.
it is part of ME-LME releases since 6.60 ME-LME 1.6 and 6.39 ME-LME 9.7
but you can flash install it on any other CFW even gen and m33. instructions included (original by DarkAlex)

Umd_Dump_Simple.prx ...
This is the most simple, quick and easy way to dump any game, umd or psn, simply activate the plugin, turn off every other plugin, start the game, connect usb cable, press note and your iso will appear on the desktop, as a portable mass storage device.
simply copy it where you want.

Analog_block.prx ...
Plugin to make the analog stick totally non functional, use it only if your analogic stick is broken, like if someone is holiding it in a direction... this and macrofire or some other plugin to change buttons configuratino might make you able to play on your psp with broken analog... anyway on ebay it is easy to find spare parts to fix it...

Homebrew release - others stuff

Psardumper 6.60 ...
neur0n released this updated version also working on 6.60
psardumper is an homebrew to extract, decrypt and then save dumped official sony firmware modules out of eboot.pbp of sony updates

New BTCNF edit for 6.xx
This is a windows software to edit the bootloader (wich modules your psp will load from flash0 when booting)
it is used to install some plugins permanently into the flash0 and not the memory stick, to always them always active no matter what.
You can find instructions here at bsanehi's topic --> viewtopic.php?f=28&t=7407
Open the ''How To Install A Plugin To Flash0 Tutorial For Advanced Users'' spoiler

PMP player advance FOR 6.60 ...
This homebrew is a media player, updated by neur0n to work on 6.60 too
it has more compatibility and functions than the default psp mediaplayer

netconfig backup tool
This homebrew can check Network settings on your psp, and the ones saved on netconf.bak
Also it can backup the setting from psp to netconf.bak, and restore from netconf.bak into psp
it can even delete all of them

Desperetar del cementerio v9
Relesead as timemachine add-on you can now run a test of 660 with ME if you own a pandora battery and memory stick already set up
more info here --> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11309

Frequently Asked Questions

-How can i keep my psp firmware easily updated?
You just need a wireless router, or a nehigbour with a password free router, or a free wifi hotspot,
open the recovery menu to activate 'use custom updates server' under settings,
now go back to XMB and all on top left corner choose firmware update... it will be downloaded (about 1mb only) and then installed.
Video tutorial courtesy of kakarotto from

Also by turning ON network update you will enable ''Prevent hibernation deletion on PSPgo'' a very useful feature

-I want to try 6.60ME can i return back to other firmwares?
There is a downgrader, some1 released the 6.60 version

-Can i have a dual boot psp with 6.39 ME and 6.39 PRO? or 6.60ME and 6.60 PRO?
Yes. there are no conflicts of any kind. simply copy PROUPDATE folder on ms0:/PSP/GAME
Then just run it from ME (no need to hold home to boot in OFW mode) press X to install it and you'll boot in PRO B
I am using PRO + ME since there is a 6.39 version of the PRO firmware, there are no issues (configs are saved with different names on flash1 and the cache on PSP/SYSTEM has different name too)
To return into ME just reset your psp from the vsh menu (not reset vsh) to reboot on pro use again proudate, or fastrecovery (do NOT use CIPL)
If you're using L-CFW ME it is even easier, just select to run PRO B fastrecovery instead of ME launcher from OFW.

-There is a translate folder and inside it en_recovery.txt and en_vshmenu do i need them?
No you don't, if you want an english recovery menu and vsh menu.
Those files are for translating the recovery menu and the vsh menu.
you only need .txt file into your seplugins folder if you want a different language.
use fr-it-ge-es according to your language and place that file on seplugins folder.

-What is leda.prx ?
A plugin made by darkalex, it make you able to use 1.50 homebrews on other firmwares, without 1.50 kernel addon needed
just activate it under game.txt and try your old homebrew. it should work. on any psp
(only a fat can install 1.50 addon leda works on every psp instead)

-Does that speed up memory stick option really works?
Yes. it works the best with newer memory sticks (red and black sony ones)
i tested it and noticed faster loadings, set that option to always.
How does it work on psp go?
On XMB: Works only on M2 card.
On GAME: Works on the booted device, example:
If you executed an ISO game or Homebrew from internal memory, the speed up feature is applied on ef0:/
If you execute a game from M2 card, Speed up feature is applied on ms0:/
On POPS: Works only on M2 card.
if you want to see a test video there you go


How can i watch an iso dumped from my UMD movie?
First place your iso at ms0:/ISO/VIDEO, then open the VSH menu and select ''iso video mount'' select the backup you want to mount,
your iso should pop out on GAME and VIDEO category on XMB (no need anymore to have inserted a dummy umd and select normal iso driver)
if you're on LME with a psp go from recovery menu activate: use model spoofer patch on xmb

-I can now mount ''hidden storage'' but what in the world is it???
it's about 60 MB of reserved space, only on psp go, a partition of the internal 16GB flash memory
psp go use it to temporary save eboot.pbp of firmware updates (if you used internet update function) so even if you have no free space on the internal flash or the m2 card you can still be able to update the firmware.
On a custom psp is not really important, since most of the updates are manual...
its path is eh0:/ and i have no clue if plugins can be loaded from there, i use it to keep backups of plugins and installers of L-CFW
the files saved into it cannot be accesed from the psp, only from a computer if you mount hidden storage thru usb

After that i used web browser my VSHmenu has gone! can i have it back without rebooting?
Sure, just select settings category on XMB, then press select and the vsh menu should appear
or press L+R+Select to force to display it

-I want to play my old ps1 games, how can i convert them?
I use Popstation GUI v3 by ZingaBurga to convert my old ps1 games for psp, only some will need popsloader.prx to be played, also you will need neur0n's pops_bridge patch if using popsloader.prx.
popsloader.prx needs a lot of official firmware's module, if you have no clue how to extract them send me a PM asking for popsloader on ME firmware
and i'll send you back a tutorial to dump them really fast.

-One of my .iso give me 80020148 error! why?
First of all turn on "execute opnssmp.bin" from recovery menu
This is related to that file inside the iso. Newer sony protection corrupt when dumping it making impossible to decrypt eboot.bin
there are some fixes for this:
use neur0n's updated umd dump prx --> ...
this will make a newer iso without opnssmp corrupt and it will work (press note over the umd icon on xmb)
or just use isotool by takka to decrypt the eboot.bin of that iso
This issue should be fixed with ME-9.0

-Can i have a free psp theme?
Sure, there you go! --> ... _theme.ptf

-My UMD-PSN game can be updated, how do i do that on the iso-cso version?
Simply press triangle over the iso icon on xmb and then choose update from the menu.
You must turn on 'Execute PBOOT.PBP' from recovery menu under advanced.

-I'm on 5.50 GEN i cannot update it!
Just select to connect your flash0 thru USB, open VSH/ETC and edit the version.txt to have release: 5.50 and not 9.99. then save and try again to update. it will work.

-I like your topic, have you wrote other ones?
Well not many, this is my 2nd important topic. my first one is related to ps1 homebrews (yes even ps1 had games made by peoples, net yaroze ps1) if you want to try past 80 of them in a small 40 mb eboot go here --> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6656
My topic about PSVita -> viewtopic.php?f=23&t=9255
My topic about the rarest psp game ever -> viewtopic.php?f=13&t=9254
If you have other questions or want more help reply to this topic. also reports any bug you found.

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:23 pm
by onheion
Good thread.

"" is not made by neur0n.
But he has acknowledged the page and is following the tweet of the Administrator(

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:39 am
by moz
Thanks for the good thread ^_^ i just started it, it will be better everytime...
For what i know the twitter gadget is made by popstatue, but usamimi is just a site where you can make your free websites.
I tought neur0n made to release all his work... i might be wrong thou... i'll ask it to him better lol
(this is why this topic isn't offical yet... i want to add more info into it...)

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:05 am
by The Z
Audio boost was made by the german developer torky ;)
Thats the one, who made the m33_620 plugin ;)

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:26 am
by Howto
@moz check your links again some are broken...

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:46 pm
by moz
@ the Z thanks, i found older releases too, but none had the name of the developer inside the readme...

@ howto these links are not mine, i simply posted here the ones on
i just checked them and they all work for me... it might be related to some countries cannot open that site...

i'm goint to upload a mirror .zip file with everythng inside Done mirrors added on 1st page

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:26 pm
by onheion
Audio boost and the like plugins had been made by many devlopper.
I think he made by himself but he might cut or forget the credit(s).

For example, Password lock plugin for CFW6.39 was made by neur0n.
He tweeted in Japanese that he made it from the function of TN(HEN) although the readme says not.
But it might be not technical but ideal inspiration from TN.(Goal the same, Start Not)

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:50 pm
by moz
onheion wrote: Password lock plugin for CFW6.39 was made by neur0n.
He tweeted in Japanese that he made it from the function of TN(HEN) although the readme says not.
But it might be not technical but ideal inspiration from TN.(Goal the same, Start Not)
i tought so, that's why i was not sure to add ''made by TN''

Anyway neur0n is amazing, always fix things that peoples forgot that exist (like leda or the translatable recovery menu)
but it is not that he focus on those, he also updates all his work really fast... also he add new functions too... he is the one that made the memory stick speedup option, awesome!

Re: Official neur0n's thread -reports bug here please-

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:36 pm
by The_Black_Panther
@moz... Good one brother. Now people can get some structured information regarding neur0n's work. 8-) This will make people's life easier, whoever is using his works. Very good thread in regards to information and content.

Re: (Kinda) Official neur0n's thread

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:51 pm
by The Z
The Z wrote:Audio boost was made by the german developer torky ;)
Thats the one, who made the m33_620 plugin ;)
Torky made a 5.XX Version of audioboost, neur0n only ported it to 6.xx

So not made by neur0n at torkys idea; Only ported by neur0n ;)