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help psp brick!

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Re: help psp brick!

Post by Butcher » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:36 pm

hold power off 10 sec :mrgreen:
edit: remove battery (without charger) is same as power off 10 sec. :roll:
Maybe you are lucky and umd works ;)

What is that method - if PSP is bricked will load ,launch but nothing . Its have broken OS only files. Its like load PC witchout a HDD witchout system but not show any info like on PC u have BIOS info about no system haved.

Trashes- U no need CFW - Pandora is Service mode to install OFW - then years ago moded to install also CFW in it.

But if i writed u dont have andy DATA CODE its no chance to identificate what TaXXvX u have mobo - but via Srial nr u have a 99% a Ta88v3 and up.

So u can use Pandora - on that mobo is not working in development of that mobo PSP disabled it - on that will no maked pandora and mms no launch will by nothing .

But if u wonna test - make on any secend some one PSP pandora+mms softmode method or make via MMS on PC and Pandora via Hardmode - by opening it and cut whats need to get to Service Mode.

And maybe will u work - but HUXXXX are Ta88v3 and up mobo so no pandora support anymore.

But if i was on yours site - i dont not to loose and not perfect check if its yes or not - i will search some one for psp and make pandora or hardmode it own in home and pc and ,check put in PSP pandora+mms load via L button or any set in MMS program selected and check is boot to it or act like actual.

Also via pandora check if its also battery modable to Pandora - most old 80% PSP battery work but newest 200x or 300x witch new mobo no support making pandora anymore softmode or hardmode

If u wonna use softmode on some psp check its 100x model or 200x to ta85v1 that only make softmode pandora up mobo and 300x-E100x psp not do it

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