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Help creating a large memory stick - can't format!

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Re: Help creating a large memory stick - can't format!

Post by bengalih » Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:49 pm

bengalih wrote:So another point of reference - though not directly related to my main struggle:

I scavenged two other 16GB microSD cards from some old phones and tried to format them in my genuine Photofast.
The first few times it looked like it was formatting them but then gave the "no memory stick inserted" message after attempting a format.. While they appeared to be formatted ok, I didn't wan't to risk it since I never got a successful format message. When I swapped the microSD positions in the adapter I got a "no memory stick inserted" message PRIOR to trying to format (i.e. it couldn't find a card).

I put my original 8GB cards back into the genuine adapter and used my newer "fake" Photofast with the 16GB cards. That one worked without issue.

I was pretty sure the genuine Photofast was able to work with up to 16GB cards (maybe 32?) but it does appear that the "magic" combination is very specific with each card and adapter.
So another point of reference. I got a hold of 2x64GB Sandisk Ultra Plus cards and tried them in both my "genuine" and "fake" photofast adapters. It seems that nothing over 8GB cards will work in the genuine - as I continue to get a "card not inserted" error during formatting each time.

However I was able to get the 2x64GB cards working in my "fake" adapter after formatting them each separately and then together. After this success I tried to format one of my 200GB cards alone in slot 1 of the adapter, and the same results as last time - which is that it only formats to 64GB.

I am therefore convinced that my "genuine" adapter only is capable of 8GB cards and my "fake" adapter is only capable of up to 64GB cards.

This would mean that there are only select adapters which actually support 128+ GB cards - and the challenge is finding who produces/sells those.

I ordered 3 additional knock off adapters on e-bay, they all seem to differ slightly as to markings, etc - so I am hoping at least one of these will allow me to format the larger cards. I will update back after I have received.

In the meantime - anyone who has 128GB+ cards working, please advise where you purchased these from.

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Re: Help creating a large memory stick - can't format!

Post by Wurst-Case-Scenario » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:20 pm


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