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Mathieulh Talks. Possible 3.56 Downgrade and QA Flaging

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Mathieulh Talks. Possible 3.56 Downgrade and QA Flaging

Post by Thatxafghanxkid » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:46 pm

Mathieulh is back! After taking a "tweeting" hiatus, he is at PSX-SCENE discussing Possible 3.56 Downgrade with Infectus. He is also discussing QA Flagging.

From CECHA01 + Infectus thread
Quote:Quote: Originally Posted by mathieulh
You CAN downgrade from 3.56+ with an infectus.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mistawes
@ Math: Without a previous dump? Would it be possible to say, paste ros1 over ros0 and boot? (primitive I know, but I've a brick I'm thinking of trying it on)

Yes, you will however need to patch lv1 so it doesn't check the syscon hashes. (Yes, this is a trivial patch). If you are already in service mode, that patch is not required however.
Quote: Originally Posted by yayo
So lets say:
1/ put PS3 in service mode
2/ get a dump from another?? PS3
3/ wire up Infectus and flash it with the nor/nand dump you get from another??? PS3.

Yes, keep in mind though that only the coreos (ros) areas have to be modified, the EID, metldr, bootloader, vtrm.... areas of the nor/nand have to be the one from your ps3, if they are imported from another console your ps3 won't be able to boot.

From QA Flags discussion thread
Quote:Quote: Originally Posted by mathieulh
The hint I gave you, is pretty much the solution to your dilemma, I am surprised none of you have figured it out yet.
If I told you more than this, I'd rather release the whole hack myself then, because it'd be no different.
Just my 2 cents here.

Quote: Originally Posted by hellsing9
How much risk you take, for the release the whole hack?.

Let's just say I don't like playing with fire, I risk great by simply helping you, Sony could sue me on bogus grounds and drawn me in legal fees if they so much see fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by afiser
have you looked at VSH in a disassembler? it's really not that easy to just "find" the function when there are litterally ten's of thousands of functions in that elf alone, like 60% of them are not even labeled with a useful name. the only way for someone to find it is if they know PPC and SPU inside and out (like the people who already have found it) the only way anyone is going to find anything more is if they study up on ppc and spu, which will take an enormous amount of time.

Or you could design your debugger and perform some live debugging on the thing, that's what I've done. Gets the job easier by 10 folds.
Quote: Originally Posted by bucc
So is there a debugger available that can debug vsh.self (or .elf) or just the one you made yourself?

self made.

Here are the threads:CECHA01 + Infectus(REMOVED) (and) QA Flags discussion (REMOVED)

PSX-SCENE Member Information: REMOVED(have to member of Psx-scene)

More information here: REMOVED

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Re: Mathieulh Talks. Possible 3.56 Downgrade and QA Flaging

Post by Halvhjearne » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:55 pm

dang you and you shortend links ... i hope the mods just edits them to the real links ;)
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Re: Mathieulh Talks. Possible 3.56 Downgrade and QA Flaging

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