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New Rebug Releases Coming Soon...

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New Rebug Releases Coming Soon...

Post by Thatxafghanxkid » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:41 pm

PSX-SCENE delevoper Cyberskunk informs us of a new release from the Codename: REBUG team. NOT ANOTHER FW, rather improvements for Rebug Selector, 3.65 Spoof, and possible backup fixes. Thanks for all the hard work!

From PSX-SCENE thread: PS3 Advanced Mode Patch by Unknown
Quote: Originally Posted by Cyberskunk
Hmmm.. All this does is remove the ability to install OFW through the XMB as they have spoofed the wrong vsh.self and no debug menu 1 anymore by the looks of it.. They have missed the whole point of the selector and purpose of normal mode.

The Uncharted fix is nothing new but for us it is slightly different in the way it is used.

Sometime over the next 24hrs we will be releasing a minor update to Rebug to fix this issue, plus updated 3.65 spoof files and an updated Rebug Selector 1.4.

No need to install new FW..

For users of Non-Rebug FW we will be releasing fast/safe and removable 3.65 Spoof.

In both cases the spoof is to stop accidental updating and is NOT for PSN access..

Quote: Originally Posted by Cyberskunk
If you have installed this (PS3 Advanced Mode Patch) you will have to return to 'untouched' Rebug before using the update package.. Hoping to add one more fix before we release it but if it isn't sorted in the next couple of hours we will go ahead without it..

Advanced Mode = 2 x Debug Menu 2, No Debug Menu 1, No NORMAL Mode (Forces you to use Recovery Mode to install any other OFW/CFW).

More information here at: ... oon-88133/
Soucre and Downloads: Codename: REMOVED
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Re: New Rebug Releases Coming Soon...

Post by swortman » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:49 am

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