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Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos Translation (Hackers needed)

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Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos Translation (Hackers needed)

Post by Seryuu » Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:25 am


About the game: With the Queen's Blade Tournament ongoing, rumors arise about a dark, mysterious power threatening to destroy all of Gainos. With the new heroes, Cute and Jean, and the rest of the Queen's Blade competitors, they seek to find the root of this power and destroy it to restore balance to the land.

The game features tactical, turn based combat, with moves being decided prior to engaging an enemy. During battle, there is an armor based system that enables parts of armor to be broken off of most of the characters, excluding the males and creatures. There is also an relationship building part of the game, as such when certain characters have a higher affinity for each other they may be able to perform team based moves. If the affinity is high enough, the other character may jump in front of some attacks and take damage for the other character.

Translation team:

Translator: Final_Agent, leecherboy

Programmer/Hacker: None, if anyone is willing to help contact me here or with a PM

About the project: As you may know the previous translation project for this game ended with a patch that only translates some items and options because the translator was unable to extract the rest of the text from the game. We are attempting to restart the project and already have translators willing to do it, all we need now is a hacker that is capable of extracting the text from the game so that the translators can start working on it. As mentioned above if anyone is willing to help with that you can contact me here or with a PM.

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