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#415370 by cualquiercosa327
Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:50 pm
Hello,first said thanks for the great homebrew than people are doing : it is amazing ,with great quality giving more life to our vitas.

I would love suggest some ports,some are no so popular and maybe people doesnt know they existed.

Saturn Emulator (yabuse -and forks)





I know there are a doom version (pboom),but the quality of it (this latest is GPU no software rendering) and the posibility from play lots of mods .

quake 1,2,3
This great games are opensource now.There was port for the psp from the 1 and 3,but this latest doesnt work full speed.

Related to this engines,with id Tech 2 more concretly,there are a great proyect called :
Ufo Alien Invasion

UFO: Alien Invasion is an open source strategy video game in which the player fights aliens that are trying to take control of the Earth. The game is heavily influenced by the X-COM series (mostly by UFO: Enemy Unknown). It is based on a modified id Tech 2 engine, and runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X for both PPC and Intel Macs. UFO:AI has been nominated for Best project for Gamers" in the Sourceforge 2007 and 2008 Community Choice Awards and was positively noted by Linux Journal. "

Related to this,yes i know we have the comercial a port of the remake of UFO:Enemy Unkown ,but it is inferior to the original on some aspects.
They are several nice proyects which could work on our vitas which are based on this:


UFO 2000
This is for human vs human,being the multiplayer its major interest.

Also the great Fallout 1 ,2 and tactics could be played on our vita;this place has lots of proyects ,
but the more developed and fully playable are



While i was searching the name of fallout reinterpretation engine (i dont remember the name) i found two page with links of lots of this kind of proyect.
it is true than some of them are halted,no playable,..but others are.
here the links

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_c ... ource_code


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_g ... ecreations


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