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[RELEASE] AdvancedAccountSwitcher

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[RELEASE] AdvancedAccountSwitcher

Post by SilicaAndPina » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:02 am

This app is meant to take SimpleAccountSwitcher and improve upon it,
add a few more features, actually add a GUI, honestly its more like an
account manager than an account switcher at this point,

Unlike *SOME* account switchers i know this app doesn't backup your entire registry,
only the values inside it that store account data, this means you wont have all your settings reset
whenever you restore an account! (yay!) and it also means you dont have to reboot after..
but you will probably see bugs in SceShell if you dont..

You can save the account that is currently linked to your system:
(it saves in ux0:AdvancedAccountSwitcher/accounts)

You can switch to an account you have saved.
(loads from ux0:AdvancedAccountSwitcher/accounts)

You can remove the linked account,
this has the same effect to when you restore your system.
only this way it doesn't run inital setup and doesnt wipe your ur0,
just removes the account

You can also change the linked AID directly to link to any account you like!
(you still need to know user+pass in order to login though.)
but that users savedata and trophys should be usable, as well as any CMA backups.

Oh and you can run the official PSN Sign Up application,
useful if you just removed the linked account and want to quickly
sign into a new one :)

Download: ... ses/latest

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Re: [RELEASE] AdvancedAccountSwitcher

Post by lorak » Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:03 pm

Thank you!!

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Re: [RELEASE] AdvancedAccountSwitcher

Post by KyonDW » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:21 am

hi, can i ask question here? so i tried switch the account and managed to open the vita login app. but, i forgot my password so i close the app without inputting my account. now i tried to log in again, vita login app opened, error appear just like before, and nothing happened for entire 10 minutes, then i accidentally press the ok button. and now i can't sign in anymore i already restart the vita tho..

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Re: [RELEASE] AdvancedAccountSwitcher

Post by Fraley19 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:21 am

manually created a plethora of placeholder accounts which have been being merged as members signed up on the new forum (I really wish Advanced account switcher would allow a option to "create this user if not found heh), and as I posted the content, I re-assigned the post to the appropriate placeholder account and was able to successfully myprepaidcenter.

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