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[Release] RePatch - plugin replacement for ux0:patch

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:38 am
by SilicaAndPina
First install the plugin by adding it to the *KERNEL line
after that create a folder on ux0 called "rePatch"
inside that folder put another folder of the titleid for the game
and in there, simply place the files you want to replace,
it works exactly the same as ux0:patch does on 3.60.
only you dont need the param.sfo file in sce_sys.

Developed by SilicaAndPina & dots-tb

Intended to allow you to patch games even if theres an update installed.
But i suppose it could potentally fix the ux0:patch problem on >3.61 if the plugin where to be ported to that firmware.


Re: [Release] RePatch - plugin replacement for ux0:patch

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:38 pm
by OperationNT
Awesome, this means I won't need to make a MaiDump from my legit/NoNpDrm apps (with official patch) when I want to modify some ressources. Thanks!

However, I guess this won't work when the modifcation touches the "eboot.bin" (or a ".self")? (for example, the upscaled frame buffer resolution)

Re: [Release] RePatch - plugin replacement for ux0:patch

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:28 pm
by lorak
Many thanks for this plugin.

I have a PSN digital game (its title id is PCSE00084) with the original update in ux0:patch.
I have placed your plugin (repatch.skprx v0.4) in ur0:tai with this line in the KERNEL section "ur0:tai/repatch.skprx" of ur0:/tai/config.txt. Then, I just copied my (already pfs-decrypted) replacement files to ux0:rePatch/PCSE00084, including an eboot.bin form the original patch plus edited game files from ux0:app/PCSE00084 and ux0:patch/PCSE00084 all of them pfs-decrypted. I left the ux0:app/PCSE00084 and ux0:patch/PCSE00084 untouched (that means the contents of both folders are pfs-encrypted) and reboot the system (since it is a kernel plugin), however, when launching the game I do not see my replacement files in the game. Do you (SilicaAndPina) have some idea of what is going on?

My system is on 3.65 HENkaku Ensō.

Re: [Release] RePatch - plugin replacement for ux0:patch

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:00 pm
by lorak
Now with repatch.skprx v1.0, after launching the same game as above (with original pfs-encrypted files in ux0:app/PCSE00084 and ux0:patch/PCSE00084), it gets stuck at the game splash screen. I am able to go to livearea to exit the game though. :cry: