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Coming from 3.18, moving up to Henkaku Enso

HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
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Coming from 3.18, moving up to Henkaku Enso

Post by Beatnukem » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:33 pm


I am sitting on my PS Vita that is still on 3.18. It is activated and has lots of custom bubbles for various homebrew. it also runs TN-X for PSOne games. With Henkaku Enso finally released I thought I should do the step to update to 3.60.

Is the process as simple as:
1. Install 3.60
2. Install Henkaku via web browser
3. Install Enso (via VPK I guess?)

Also will I keep my existing bubbles, or do I have to recreate them? As for PSOne emulation, can I just run my existing converted iso's? Also any drawbacks from TN-X (which used the native PS emu) vs the PSOne emulation that is available with Henkaku (and Adrenaline)

I am also a bit afraid that with the recent changes to how activation works that I might deactivate my Vita in the process and will not be able to get it re-activated.

If someone has moved from 3.18 to 3.60 and installed Henkaku Enso recently and wants to share some experience would be really appreciated.


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