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#418774 by SilicaAndPina
Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:46 am
Just a really simple account switch app.. doesn't even require a reboot to change accounts..

When you press the start button, the psn sign up app will launch and will throw an error, DO NOT PRESS OK! just wait a couple seconds and the message will disapair, now u can either create or sign into a new account.


- SilicaAndPina
#418790 by nightwishfan1
Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:39 pm
I saw your thread, and am curious as to how this exactly works besides your description. Like for one is this ignoring the account the system is activated with in that capacity to allow the switch, or is there something blocking the system from calling for a specified activation account that was already used to activate it? Any side effects if it's decided to stop use of the app? And lastly I'd imagine if I stopped use of this app then the account I was on before stopping and uninstalling would then be my activated account right?

Just curious about these sorts of things. Thanks.
#418805 by nightwishfan1
Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:13 pm
Kinda simple questions I asked. Some that you oughta expect from scene users really. Though I'll re-word at least one that could be confusing.

1. Does this by-pass the already activated account somehow? Like de-activate the already activated account on the system? Hope that's a bit more easier to understand since a vita or pstv will tell you to use only the activated account on them.

2. What could happen if we decide to stop use of your app? Pretty simple question. I assume you tested it to make sure nothing adverse happens when using and discontinuing use of your app. It would be pretty reckless to release something, and not know if it has any ill effects on end users systems.

3. Last question. Which as stated before. If we do stop use of your account switching app then I guess whatever account I used last with it would be my activated account after I un-install your app right? Like for example my primary account typically is an North American account, and I switch to a Japanese account I made, and then uninstall your app. I assume I'd be stuck on my Japanese account being my systems activated account until I resumed use of your account switch app right?

It can't be that hard to understand.
#418878 by avluis
Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:41 pm

I don't want to come across as a know-it-all nor as someone that is insulting you -- I just want to help you understand the code behind this release.

Just to get this out of the way; you may be overcomplicating (knowingly or not) the method the PS Vita uses to retain your PSN info.
The PS Vita retains your activation info via its registry as well as a data file that lives on your memory card (this is how the card is linked to your account).

This is the code behind this release:
https://github.com/SilicaAndPina/Simple ... src/main.c
All this does:
- clears login and password from registry
- removes data file (with account info) from memory card (therefore allowing it to be used with another account)
- starts the psn sign up app (allowing you to log-in or create an account)

As for your questions:
1: Your PSN info (on your PS Vita) is saved on your system (as described above) -- PSN (the service) keeps a record (your PS Vita ID) when you activate it, but it does not need to be removed from PSN for the same PS Vita to work on another region (maybe for another account in the same region, but this needs to be confirmed).
As for deactivation, only the built-in app can deactivate your PSN account from the PS Vita (as well as the entry on PSN), but then you will need to set up your PS Vita once again as per usual.
2: Nothing -- you won't be able to switch your account easily, nothing complicated here. Only side effect here is that you'll have to do it the hard way.
3: Yes -- you'll be on whatever account you switched to (same as when do a reset with the PS Vita and log-in to another account).
You may be overthinking this one -- but basically, think of this utility app as a fast forward button to help you go from a region to another (without having you clear your memory card, and without having to watch a video when setting up the system).

I hope I was able to clarify this for you a bit more - - let me know if I can make anything easier to understand.
#418891 by nightwishfan1
Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:01 pm
Well I admit I'm not a know it all either, and certainly don't know anything about coding and what does this and that.
So the information is helpful. Frankly asking me to look at source code to find something is like asking me to read egyptian hieroglyphics, as noted above I got no clue about coding. Silicas description was just way too vague as to how this app accomplished things.

But anyway I appreciate the extra info. Also an idea crossed my mind that would work great if Silica was ever interested in working with other scene devs. My idea was specifically maybe working with BaltazaR4 who released Account Manager recently. Silica has the means to switch accounts, and BaltazaR4 has the means of managing multiple accounts. Just an idea.
#418951 by ANU815
Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:58 am
I recently had my PSN account banned due to stupidity with trophies on my CFW PS3. Can I use this swap the banned account from my Vita to a new one? Would this mess up the base psp games I use for adrenaline and other bubbles? Also what about psv games installed with the banned account? I'm hesitant to change anything since it all works for now. I just can't use PSN with the old account. Thoughts?

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