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#418613 by Arkanite
Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:46 pm
No worries,
I'll create a new branch for the GUI and you can go over it, make changes, or ban me if needed :D
Whatever you like you may use, no credit required.
But if we're ever in the same town, you owe me a High-Five!
#418616 by JhonDoeA
Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:08 pm
Arkanite wrote:No worries,
I'll create a new branch for the GUI and you can go over it, make changes, or ban me if needed :D
Whatever you like you may use, no credit required.
But if we're ever in the same town, you owe me a High-Five!

Ok but don't look into main.cpp if you don't want to be sad xD jk but it is a lot of spagetthi code. Gotta do something about that first then add GUI.
#418654 by dmaskell92
Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:17 pm
I also do PhotoShop work if you need assistance. Google my name and go to images most of my work shows up.
#418668 by Arkanite
Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:25 am
sorry for the lack of communication. (work first, unfortunately)

I don't use vita2d pgf, but vita2d_pgf_draw_text should handle new line operator just fine.
You could write a simple word-wrap function to take care of the text width for each messages.
apply it once to your message content as the message is send or received.

Your login looks really nice!
#418672 by JhonDoeA
Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:29 am
djmaskell92 I am sorry but arkanite already has took over the UI part. If you want though you might make "themes" based on the UI he makes or if he decides to stop it you could take over the UI.

Arkanite dont worry, I could improve coding UI meanwhile, it turned out pretty good.

yeah I meant vita2d_pgf_draw_text .
Aha so it really can handle new lines, so I need to find out where to split the text exactly, which wouldn't be hard if all symbols were the same width I guess. Just split after x characters.

Edit: do you have an idea how I should handle discord , emojis , user sent pictures , and user icons.
As for emojis afaik each server can have their own . Second one would need some parser to search for image links and then download a thumbnail ( not full image because... too big? ) and user icons ... well if you are in a server with 10k+ users downloading 10 k images might be bad :>

Also I would say thanks but the login screen is just a screen cap so it is not my work :)
#418680 by Arkanite
Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:07 pm
Thanks for understanding.

vita2d_pgf_draw_text should, i know vita2d_draw_text does and with a mono-space font it works very well.

I haven't had a chance to go over the entire project. Which Discord API are you using?
Incoming images and user icon shouldn't be a problem if handled correctly, you have the right idea though.

If you couldn't be bothered handling memory, loading and unloading on the fly for a (potentially) large amount of sent image, i guess you could always mimic how the Vita Messenger App handles them, with a single 'image-attached' icon on the message, so the user has to click the message to view the image.

For User Icons,
wait!... 10k+ user Icons??? holy ball bags!...

aah i would use the super secret libScePower function sceDrainPowerFromPlayersSoul(); and then just Load'em all, the Vita will handle the rest!!! :-D

Actually don't, we're forbidden to use that function.
Is 10k+ servers very common? What's the max users per channel?
#418683 by JhonDoeA
Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:12 pm
I guess we dont need pgf anymore:
xerpi just told me about the vita2d_font.... functions which can load a .ttf or . otf file which are very common.
It also does not use a scaler but rather pixel (int) input as for sizing.

It just worked. With one exception, Emojis don't work. The ones which don't work are encoded with multiple unicode sequences \uxxxx\uxxxx the ones with only one unicode sequence work but are boring :PP

for example : https://discordapp.com/invite/0SBTUU1wZTVyGXpr
Discords unofficial API server has jsut over 10k members.

I suppose we just ditch the icon feature or only use it in smaller servers. Or just display the first letter of the users name .

As for incoming images, I don't want anyone to have to wait for some 20 mb picture to load so probably your approach is nice.

Well if there was such a function I definitely would stay away (!)

Oh and discord api i am using the REST API, there is also the websocket which is useful for events like incoming message but I could not look into it yet. It also uses websockets which I never programmed.

example : https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/ ... t-user-dms

Edit: found a good doc which lists api's
https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/disco ... ffical.pdf

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