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[RELEASE] ZeldaOLB - Zelda: Oni Link Begins port for PSVITA

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Re: [RELEASE] ZeldaOLB - Zelda: Oni Link Begins port for PSVITA

Post by Rinnegatamante » Wed May 02, 2018 1:50 pm

Zelda: Oni Link Begins Vita v.1.5 released!

- Rewrote rendering code moving from vita2d fake SDL layer to SDL vitaGL based.
- Added a menubar with ImGui on top of screen to change graphic options.
- Added a framerate counter on top right of screen.
- Added possibility to enable/disable bilinear filtering in game.
- Added possibility to enable/disable vFlux in game with customizable color filter.
- Added possibility to swap in use shader to improve graphics.
- Fixed a lot of memleaks and other bugs causing crashes in several places.

Known Bugs:
When not in a dungeon, if you get hit from an enemy and the knockback causes a zone transition, game may crash.

- rsn8887 for fixing shaders for vitaGL usage.
- ocornut for dear ImGui
- Vincent Jouillat for the original game
All my Patreon supporters for their awesome support:
- Styde Pregny
- Billy McLaughlin II
- XandridFire
- AnOtHeROnE
- Andyways
- Ramerson Wesley Araújo
- gnuffy
- Jorge Laurencena
- rsn8887
- John Wanot
- Count Duckula
- polytoad
- Defkyle
- Samuel Batista
- Jaden Emrich
-Colan Wiser
- Elwood Blues
- Justin
- Angel Villagómez
- Daniel Crane
- Lars Zondervan
- Yakara Network
- Santiago Quiroga
- Pirloui
- 2Mourty
- gnmmarechal
- Bryan Hanbury
- Gelson Silva

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Re: [RELEASE] ZeldaOLB - Zelda: Oni Link Begins port for PSVITA

Post by nightwishfan1 » Tue May 22, 2018 4:11 am

I encountered another bug my friend. This time it involves enemies not spawning in locations they should be in. Notably this happens in the farore temple at a point where you should be in a area with a closed door that won't open unless the enemy in the area is vanquished.....except there's only one problem with that. The enemy belonging to that area isn't least in my case I guess. Anyway I made a more detailed report of the problem on this ports github page showing what the scenario should be like via a youtube clip of the game in action at that particular point that I noted in my report. Thanks for the work on this.

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