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AppManager PLUS for 3.60 Henkaku [UPDATE v2.0]

HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
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AppManager PLUS for 3.60 Henkaku [UPDATE v2.0]

Post by gdljjrod » Tue May 09, 2017 9:47 pm

AppManager PLUS ONELUA TEAM Introducing our new application AppManager PLUS, which contains the following features:

Special thanks to Wz-jk for graphic design

Please update your lang.lua in ux0:/data/AppManPlus/lang.lua

Link: ... s/tag/v2.0

[++] USB mode available by pressing START in the File Explorer.
[++] FTP mode has been moved to the Options Submenu (pressing triangle on the File Explorer).
[++] Vpk scanning option has been optimized, now, when you enter this option it will do a fast search on the next paths:
"ux0:video/", "ux0:data/", "ux0:data/vpk/", "ux0:/vpk/", "ux0:/vpks/"
"ur0:video/", "ur0:data/", "ur0:data/vpk/", "ur0:/vpk/", "ur0:/vpks/"

If no vpks files are found, it will automatically do a full search on ux0: and ur0:

NOTE: The .mp4 files found will be renamed to .vpk, only if the .mp4 files really are .vpk.
I the case of iso/cso files, the game will be moved to ux0:pspemu/ISO or ur0:pspemu/ISO depending on the iso/cso file origin.
The CustomThemes option now only shows Custom Themes, because the Oficial Themes can not be uninstalled with this app.
The option Install Game for installation of games from folder has been improved (this way you dont need double the space on the memory card).

++ Install games, homebrews in .vpk format and also through folder.
++ Move applications from ux0 to ur0 and viceversa. (Although doing this move applications or games may not work properly).
In the AppManager section you can run the games that you have installed, you can delete the manual or uninstall your game if you require it.


It has a submenu of options by pressing the button triangle:
++ Extract This option can extract zip, rar and vpk to the destination you select.
++ Install Game This option allows you to install a game or update in the form of a folder in the Mai Dump Tool style.
++ Install CustomTheme This option allows you to install a Custom Theme for Livearea, it should be a folder where all necessary files come.
The download of the songs via online is pending. :(
++ Export This function allows exporting image files (jpg, png) and sound files (mp3).
++ AppMan themes This is where you can change the theme for AppManager, the path to install a theme should be in:
(Here in place your theme resources, Please read the ... / for more details in github).
++ CustomThemes Here you can delete a Custom Livearea Theme and if its corresponding files, you can not delete Official Themes.
++ TaiHen Config This option makes a Reload of the file ux0: tai/config.txt.


If you need to change the language of the texts of AppManager PLUS you must translate the file DEFAULT.LUA that is in the route:

The resulting file must be renamed to LANG.LUA and put it in the path:

To do list:
*Text Editor
*Custom Themes online downloader
*Improve the MP3 Player
*Savedata Manager
*Plugins Manager

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Re: AppManager PLUS for 3.60 Henkaku [UPDATE v2.0]

Post by falaschi » Fri May 19, 2017 12:30 am

Amazing update for an amazing app! Keep that work fellows! I love this app, better than vitashell 4 me!

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Re: AppManager PLUS for 3.60 Henkaku [UPDATE v2.0]

Post by ali_ihsan21 » Sun May 21, 2017 6:53 am

Great job, thanks a lot mate.
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