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#413346 by Wakamu
Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:53 am
Hi everyone!
I decided to do some test on modding Call of duty files (PCSB00213) and i managed to executes some commands to unlock everything in multiplayer :)

Screen (a random account for Henkaku never played):


What do you need :
-Call of duty Dump + latest update ( PCSB00213)
-this file: patch1.psa

Now what to do:

-Make a backup of app:\PSCB00213 \patch1.psa and replace it with the one you downloaded
-Launch the game, go into multiplayer->option->edit your subtitle option->back to multiplayer->barracks->edit Clantag->back to multiplayer.
-You will now be rank 40, you can now use the prestige option and repeat until you are the prestige you want!
-After all that just play one online game, after it is finished you will now have all weapons max level + unlocked!
-You can now put back your original patch1.psa.

And that's it!

Hope i helped you with this :)
#419937 by Smoker1
Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:45 am
Would there be a way to make a Cheat Plugin like the Killzone Mercenary one (Unlimited Ammo, Life and $9Mil) that works with any Region Release?

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