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#412798 by Rinnegatamante
Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:27 pm
Note: This homebrew partecipates to GekiHEN competition, original release is here: http://gekihen.customprotocol.com/en/project/luaIrc . Download and screenshots can be found on that link.

luaIrc is an IRC client for PS Vita wrote with Lua Player Plus Vita, allowing you to chat with your friends whenever you want.

- Multichannels support: You can join multiple channels and switch towards chats easily.
- New messages detection: When a new message is detected on an inactive chat, the channel name will change color in the channel list.
- PART, QUIT, JOIN, PRIVMSG, PING, NAMES commands detection.
- Auto-detection of PSN Nickname for default nickname usage.
- (Optional) History logs save.
- Possibility to see the whole list of connected users.

Cross = Prompt keyboard to send a new message.
L Trigger = Show connected users list.
Start = Prompt keyboard to connect to a new channel.
Up/Down = Switch channel

Config file (optional):
The config.lua file can be edited and put in ux0:/data/luaIrc to change some default settings:
nick_default = Default nickname that will be shown at startup. (Default: PSN Nickname)
server_default = Default server hostname that will be shown at startup. (Default: Freenode)
channel_default = Default channel name that will be shown at startup. (Default: #henkaku)
save_log = Enable/Disable history logs saving at ux0:/data/luaIrc/logs.txt (Default: false)

StepS for helping me understanding how PART and QUIT commands work.
#412994 by Rinnegatamante
Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:33 pm
A new update released (v.1.1), info can be found on the link on OP.


- Fixed a bug preventing you to connect to servers different from freenode.
- Fixed a bug where logs saving wasn't actually writing QUIT commands.
- Now system chat won't show anymore raw text for detected commands.
- Added private messages support (both detection and starting).
- Added channel's topics showing support when joining a channel.

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