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#412688 by cualquiercosa327
Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:18 am
Hello,i have found than the vita port of Rayman Origin share a similar structure than the other versions.
All the data are kept on "bundle_VITA.ipk" ,which has the same format as the other versions.

it can be open with a bmp script (i attach it ) which was created for open the xbox360 version.

Vita version has 14215 files .

I have no time for more research but i have found some nice things as it use the same xbox360 fonts . (/default/x360/arial_16.xpr)

i have no test it yet ,but on the other versions :

CKD files aren't encrypted. They just contain different types of files.
png.ckd and dds.ckd files contain DDS files (header modified, you can convert most of them back using the script I posted above).
wav.ckd files contain WAV files.
Files ending in skl.ckd, etc are data files (that specific one is an animation "skeleton"/structure for the main menu) to be read with the UbiArt engine which hasn't been released to public yet. 

all the credit goes to :



http://raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php ... 22f631d489

(The file i have uploaded is from the second website,i upload in case it is down.
#412691 by cualquiercosa327
Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:49 am
Hi again,and excuse me for no edit the other post : i was unable.

I have found than they had included some "extra" files :
-e32011 : the demo showed on e3 2011
-extra shaders : they had two dir ,one called "unified" with the shaders sources and other files with the win32,ps3 and x360 compiled shaders.

I dont know if they are some skeletor animation for this game ,but the most important ,almost on my view ,are some .act.ckd files related to zoom,camera,.. : it would be great could
mod them and add some extras as use other camera views (as shown on some developer videos),maybe add the zoom on the other versions (or maybe some fast tap on back touchscreen for exit from zoom : i love see the world making zoom but when i need back it is so slow..


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