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[Release] Launchapp - A Dumb program to help [Moonlight]

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[Release] Launchapp - A Dumb program to help [Moonlight]

Post by WolfGangSen » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:09 pm

It is entirley possible you won't need this program, it's targeted at solving a rather specific problem I was having streaming games, that some users have reported to me isnt an issue for them

So I was trying to make games launch in the right resoloution for the vita over moonlight. But I wanted to be able to run them on my pc without having to go and chagne settings everytime. (I have had some games launching and only being able to see part of the game, the rest spilling over onto my pc's second moitor).

I tried to do this via shortcuts and adding them to steam, but some games Don't work properly unless launched directly through steam.

So I tired to add steam as a shortcut to my list of games and give it a launch parameter of -applaunch [appid] to make steam launcht he games. But now you cant do more than one game as, when you edit the launch parameters of any shortcut for the same program, it edits ALL of them, valve havent properly thought through how adding non steam games to steam works, but hey its a nice feature thats free so a minor niggle is not too bad.

It does mean I had to go and make this STUPID program (as its just the quickets way i could think of around the problem)

[Release / Tutorial]

Applaunch is a stupid little program i just made, (not really specifically for vita stuff but it works well)

You can get it Here
Source code is available there and if anyone wants to decompile it and verify to others that it's safe please do. It's a tiny program with about 10 lines of code total, I'm kinda sad I had to make it but steam is a bit broken.

And here is a quick tutorial of its use.
You need to add a launch parameter to the shortcut you make for it

In the tutorial I used rocket league, so I'll explain using that as an example.

Code: Select all

    Every shortcut MUST start with this as the first launch parameter.
     -applaunch 252950
                   ^ this number needs to be changed to the appid of whatever game it is you want to run
    After that you can add the launch parameters your game needs, for rocket league it's the following

    -ResX=960 -ResY=544

    So the complete line looks like this :

    -applaunch 252950 -ResX=960 -ResY=544
If people want to comment other games launch parameters ill add them to this list.

you can have as many coppies of the rename applaunch exe and shortcuts as you want in a folder.

Items in <> are optional

Code: Select all

Grand Theft Auto V            |          -applaunch 271590 <-borderless> -width 960 -height 544
Rocket League                 |          -applaunch 252950 -ResX=960 -ResY=544

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