HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
#408554 by Casavult
Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:12 pm
I have been seeing a flurry of request topics as of lately ([REQUEST], code this, do that, ect) and so this is just a reminder to those who may not have acquainted themselves with the forum rules or simply have forgotten them but any requests are not allowed across the entire forum*.

Opening a topic specifically for requesting will be locked. Topics that are suspicious and stealthily request will also be locked and the user warned.

If you haven't done so already or have forgotten, please read our Forum Rules.

*Update: HENkaku requests are now allowed in the Support section of the PS Vita forum. For more information, please read this thread. Note that this can be subject to change at any time.
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