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My notes about vitadoom recompilation on win10 with msys2

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My notes about vitadoom recompilation on win10 with msys2

Post by minilgos » Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:38 pm

Hi all. Thx for henkaku. This hack is sweet!

Took me a few hours to recompile successfully vitadoom with just win10 and msys2.
Here are my notes for those struggling like i did.

install msys2 to d:\msys64 and upgrade it as much as you can with pacman commands from their site
install vitasdk to d:\vitasdk
create user environment variable VITASDK=d:/vitasdk (yes, it must be / instead of \)
start D:\msys64\msys2_shell.cmd
pacman -S make
pacman -S tar (portlibs wants this)
pacman -S gcc (freetype wants this native c compiler for internal silly native tools compilation possibility check)
retrieve xerpi's sources for vita-portlibs and vita2d libraries
portlibs : add prefix, ar, cc, ccp definitions
libraries needed for vita2d are zlib, freetype, libpng and libjpeg-turbo
then create install-libpng install-libjpeg-turbo install-freetype in order to try them separately, mess with all:
zlib : in configure put # in front of leave 1 after the warning about harsh report (otherwise it will stop make)
libvita2d : in makefile add -I$(VITASDK)/arm-vita-eabi/include/libpng16 -I$(VITASDK)/arm-vita-eabi/include
copy libvita2d.a to D:\vitasdk\arm-vita-eabi\lib
copu vita2d.h to D:\vitasdk\arm-vita-eabi\include
vita_doom : in makefile (I don't like adding d:\vitasdk\bin to environment so i chance a bit vita_doom makefile)
add PREFIX = $(VITASDK)/bin/arm-vita-eabi
and be more precide about these binaries locations :
$(VITASDK)/bin/vita-elf-create out/$(TITLE).elf out/$(TITLE).velf
$(VITASDK)/bin/vita-make-fself out/$(TITLE).velf out/eboot.bin
$(VITASDK)/bin/vita-mksfoex -s TITLE_ID=DOOM00000 "$(TITLE)" out/param.sfo
my makefile (copy LIBS from vita_doom makefile) :
LIBS = -lSceTouch_stub -lSceDisplay_stub -lSceGxm_stub -lSceCtrl_stub -lSceRtc_stub -lScePower_stub -lSceSysmodule_stub -lSceCommonDialog_stub

retrieve the official vitadoom.vpk, remame it .zip and replace eboot.bin and param.sfo inside it to create your own .vpk (be aware that xerpi is preparing a binary that will make easier the update/creation of a vpk)

checking if I was able to recreate vitadoom from scratch allowed me to create the valid vita2d library I needed for my own homebrew. I hope my little notes will help you.

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